Promoting Mama Time to your kids with The Large Family; Jill Murphy, Walker Books

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Here at Rock and Roses Mama blog I am all about Mama Time, and am determined to promote and inspire Mamas across the globe take some quality time out for themselves and their relationship. If only there was a way we could promote this concept to our bambinos so that they somehow begin to understand our parental plight! Well… look no further than The Large Family; Jill Murphy and Walker Books have served us up a treasure trove of children’s books that hilariously detail the struggles of two parent elephants trying to spend some time with themselves and each other. 

Get shit done: Mama time with the help of ‘Kidloland’ A Review and Giveaway

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If you follow my blog then you will know how important i have always said I think it is that we busy bee Mommas spend little time for ourselves; getting a chance to do things that we wish we had the time for now we have little people running us in circles any in day out. I find the best time is during my little mans afternoon nap, but as those days dwindle and the napless days become more frequent, it is getting more and more difficult to get shit done.

‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 4


So this week has seen every single on of the household ill at some point and have been busy bees with appointments left right and centre for dentists, doctors, health visitors etc… but on the plus side me and the Mr have now got a luscious whole week off together and are off to Manchester tomorrow for a mini break. Bliss.

‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 3


I have felt relatively calm this week in comparison to previous ones; I am certain that learning to ‘let go’ and chill every once in a while has definitely go something to do with it. Also I have a very rare week off with my Mr coming up so I am contently aware that a nice relaxing break is on the horizon! I have however had to force myself to have a few ‘let it go moments’ to spare me the strain and headache of stressing over minute details in the grand scheme if life…


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So I don’t know about any of you, but my little man loves a good ol’ fashioned bedtime story; to the point at times that he demands that the same one be read at least three times before bed. I mean I have always stood by the view that a child should, without fail, be read a bedtime story; it is so important from a young age for it to be built into a solid bedtime routine to help their little brains thrive and imaginations grow. My little dude has always been a massive fan of the bedtime story and his favourites, though they shift slightly from time to time, have always been pretty solid.