A farewell to nap time: When your child grows out of their afternoon nap


Over the past few months we have been struggling to encourage the little prince to indulge in his afternoon snooze, which has been quite frustrating and to be honest due to the time of year we put it down to Christmas. Eating habits tend to shift over the festive period and we figured clearly it was affecting his sleeping schedule (bed time was proving a little more trying than usual too) and it would soon get back into routine once Christmas had relinquished the normality of everyday. But alas… we were wrong. It seems that ‘nap time’ has faded just like the baubles and hoards of wrapping paper; it seems that ‘nap time’ was slowly becoming grown out of. Farewell nap time, you have served me well. 

‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 2


I have to admit that this week has seen me quite emotional and therefore there are probably far… far more things I should have let go than I have done. I definitely feel like having at least the intention to let things go more and be mindful that if I don let more things go then in turn I will probably be blessed with a less stressful mind. Mamas are expected to deal with so much stress and just put a loving sweet smile on our faces; god forbid we act frazzled and exhausted!

The value of a rockin’ mamas time; is it taken for granted?


This is something that I have frequently stumbled upon as a mother who tries her hardest to juggle motherhood, a career, a social life, maintaining my relationship, family, regular exercise and hobbies. I started this blog as I noticed that their are loads of rockin’ mamas that feel that they are stuck in this ‘motherhood’ role and that they have to solely devote all their time to this role in order to reach societies expectations. This is wrong… And so upsetting to see, as you can still be just as awesome and keep yourself Y O U whilst being an awesome mama with just a little bit of balance and time. There it is… Time…