Our Easter Weekend; plus Wedding Anniversary Getaway to Brighton

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Now I LOVE Easter Weekend… it is always well celebrated in our household and unlike previous years where little man has not entirely understood the concept of searching the garden for eggs, this year he was ON IT! Easter Weekend also saw me and the husband celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary by taking a well earned getaway to Brighton, just the two of us. If you are familiar with my blog or know me personally, you will know that our honeymoon, although beautiful and stunning, was not the greatest of idyllic adventures due to personal circumstances. A weekend in our favourite British Town was perfect; as was coming home to a chilled Easter with our small ¬†dude and family.


Movies to make you happy: You’ve got this Mama

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All Mamas need a boost from time to time and these Movies are bound to make you happy! There are times when the crazy world of parenting just gets too much and it all comes tumbling down on top of us; when these moments strike I find a good movie can be the best cure (accompanied by copious amounts of ice cream and wine of course!) So after the kids are in bed, or napping, take some time out to chill and get lost in these uplifting and power fist worthy cinematic beauties. 

Sleepy Mama: Being exhausted doesn’t make us ‘Bad Moms’


So today ladies and gents… I am extraordinarily tired. I am tired of working from 6am every morning, I am tired from having appointments and meetings after work each day and I am tired of having no food in the house as it is the week before payday (Thankfully my man is amazing in every way and has been supplying me with chocolate and Oreo donuts to make me smile – yes they DO make those!) I don’t know about you but when I feel this deflated with the struggles and time juggling of Mum life, it comes hand in hand with feeling as though I am exhibiting terrible parenting when not having the cheerful ‘Barbie doll smile’


Mom Date with ‘Bad Moms’ A Review

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I have recently been finding it amazingly inspiring, uplifting and motivating spending time with fellow mamas and seeking out my own mama clan. After attending a wedding recently and reconnecting with a fellow rockin’ mama that was the photographer on the day, I had arranged to meet up and go on a mamas only night with her and her awesome mama friend. It was not only an amazing chance to fly solo and connect just us ladies, but also we were further inspired and touched by our choice of evening activity; cinema date to see ‘Bad Moms’.