Learning to open up: Letting down the barriers


So as some of my more regular readers and Instagram followers may already be aware of… this little fam have been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster recently. Yes from the outside and fleeting glimpses it may seem like our life has been at an all time high; Our Wedding Day was spectacular, we recently went on our Honeymoon and I have been remaining a strong Mama by seeing friends, finding time for myself and hoping to inspire empowerment in the Motherhood community. However behind the scenes we have been dealing with demons and although I have briefly touched upon how this has made me feel, I have not opened up about the cause of these feelings. Well ladies and gents… today is that day.


My Love Affair with Exercise


Firstly… I apologise for the lack of a weekly *Musing* last week… I just had no mojo for writing and didn’t feel like I had any thoughts to ponder with you! I have definitely decided that I have embarked on a slight love affair with exercise recently and thought I would share this with you in all of its joy bringing glory! I can honestly say that I totally agree with the experts when they say it can be a huge help to your mental wellbeing; we have had some tough times to get through recently and exercise has really helped!