Vlog-ing it up: Vogue 73 Questions


Ok… so hold your breath peeps… drums roll please… I did it! I am no longer a Vlog virgin. I never ever thought I would and didn’t think it was at all my thing but I quite enjoyed it. Not being able to edit or re-record certain parts is a terrifying thought when you begin… its all or nothing! But I had fun and really enjoyed answering these questions, so thank you to Charlie at Mess and Merlot for nominating me to answer Vogue’s 73 Questions, her Vlog for this is also her first and is super awesome and the reason I took the plunge to try it out for myself! Check it!

So without further ado…


Sunday Funday: A Family Day Out to Staunton Country Park

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We very rarely get a whole day and evening just the three of of and when we do we like to make the most of it; last Sunday we decided to have a family fun day out to Staunton Country Park as recommended by my mama friend over at @mummymkschronicle  then a cheeky Sunday lunch at our favourite and recently revamped Green King pub The Castle in the Air.

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F A R M Y A R D F U N: Doniford Farm A Review.

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At least once or twice a year I travel with the little man to the Somerset, the country of bumpkins, to visit the mama. We both love a road trip and thanks to my top 10 tips on seamless road tripping’ adventures with toddlers, they are so much fun and really looked forward to!  Boushka (as my mama is known to the small man as it is Russian for Grandmother and she is a fan of quirk) lives in the heart of a town called Williton and is surrounded by gorgeous countryside; we’re talking rolling fields, an abundance of sheep,
stiles, homegrown fruit and veg sold in local newspaper shops and the recurrent faint ‘choo choo’s’ of a steam train. My favourite ‘Somerset go to place’ that me and the little man adore is a nearby local, family run beaut called Doniford Farm. I have decided that the awesomeness of this place needs to be shared in this review; did I mention it is free entry?!