Keep Kids Healthy with Fun and Googly Fruit; A Review

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The age old question; How do we as parents keep our kids eating healthily? How do we encourage them to keep eating their fruit and veg? Cue the company Googly Fruit; I had used a few brands of ‘healthy eating’ pouches and packets before but I have to say I was REALLY impressed with this one. 



I was sent a huge pack of Googly goodies and as soon as I opened the box I was taken aback by the variety and colour; and so was another certain small fellow!



The whole concept of having the fruit and veg as characters with the always appealing google eyes totally speaks to children and Jude was certainly captivated wanting to stick google eyes on all of his fruit from that moment on (I now genuinely keep a pack of google eyes to hand in case he decides that Mr Apple will only be consumed if he has eyes…)



There are lots of companies offering ‘healthy’ alternatives to the usual kids snacks; crisps, drinks, sweets, but the thing I love about Googly Fruit is it makes it really fun rather than just being ‘healthy’ because lets face it, kids don’t WANT healthy food REALLY because they have been brainwashed by the media, supermarkets and even friends and family into thinking that unhealthy food is way more fun.




As you stroll down the aisles of the supermarket it is hard to avoid the ‘kids packaged’ foods that are specifically designed to appeal to young audiences by offering their favourite characters and bright eye catching colours; Googly Fruit does the same… but its HEALTHY!!!




If your kid is as into reading as mine is too, then they have a book to work alongside the food and further encourage your children to learn about different fruits and veg with excitement.



It was genuinely his favourite book for at least a week!

I don’t think this brand is very well heard of at the moment so I’m all for spreading the word and letting more parents know about this pretty cool way of encouraging healthy eating and awareness of more fruits and veg in children.



TIP: You’ll need to invest in a stash of stick on google eyes!

Also have a gander at their Instagram feed as its full of great ideas.

Have you tried any Googly Fruit products? What did you think? Are there any other similar brands that you could share with other parents that encourage healthy eating? 


*I was gifted a pack of samples in return for this review; all opinions however are my own!

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