Our Etherial Woodland Pregnancy Photoshoot


In contrast to my last pregnancy, this time around I decided to have some lasting memories of the time little lady and I have spent as one. I am big on all things nature and so, of course, had to go woodland and etherial with the style of photoshoot; I had a vision. 


So I have rambled on before about how different this pregnancy has been to my first and one of the most poignant points is, oddly, how much I wished I had done with my first and so have done this time instead. The main thing is documenting my pregnancy; I took a few odd bump photos last time but nothing major so this time I decided to take a bump photo every four weeks and to have a professional Pregnancy Photoshoot so we could have some gorgeous photos to hang on the walls of our first house!



Some of you may know that my heritage on my Mamas side is Romany Gypsy so I have a small affinity for all things ‘au naturelle’; when performing the most naturally womanly act of the circle of life I saw no better way to document it in a homage to my roots and go all etherial and woodland.



I had seen amazing maternity dressed specifically made for photoshoots and so found a stunner on Ebay for very little and was actually  amazed at how great it looked (I was worried as the fabric was slightly see through in places but with some sterling photography skills it wasn’t an issue! No pun intended… my photographer is called Carly Stirling!)


Of course we had to go woodland green for clothing too…


If any of you are familiar with the painting of Ophelia by Millais, this is what I believe I am channelling here!



I am so excited to get some of these beautiful shots printed onto canvasses and hung in the living room!

Did you do a Pregnancy Photoshoot during your pregnancy? Would you do one of you did become pregnant?


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