A Pregnant Girls Night In; Introducing Botonique

Product Reviews

I have alway been a bit of a social butterfly and even through pregnancy and breastfeeding I like to still try and spend time with friends; but if you are a great lover of having the odd tipple it is often hard to see everyone else around you enjoying their alcoholic beauty while you have to be shackled by the usual fizzy or squash… life can get a little stale. There are many non-alcoholic alternatives on the market but some just aren’t very exciting; well Botonique has you covered!


It has been compared by many Mumsnetters to Prosecco or Sparkling Wine and it certainly has that fizzy, crisp dry finish that wine lovers will appreciate. The taste of Botonique is very much floral and herbal as it contains flavours derived from a variety of herbs, spices, citrus,  milk thistle seed, ginseng, vitamins and minerals all mixed with pear juice; all of these punchy ingredients make for a replenishing alcohol alternative that actually replaces the nutrients normally lost by drinking!



I invited my fellow baby laden amigo over for a games night and we sampled Botonique on its own and with various mixers (they have some great non alcoholic cocktail ideas on their website!) and found that lemonade was a great addition to a glass to make it extra refreshing!


It also benefit from having no added sugars, preservatives, colours or additives so is actually very good for you!


RRP 2xBottles £15.00

So if you are, like me, ‘mit bebe’, breastfeeding, designated driver or just taking a break from destroying your liver, you can order directly from the Botonique website and not feel so left out!

What great alcohol alternatives have you found tickle your taste buds during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Any favourites to share? 


*Product gifted for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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