Our Easter Weekend; plus Wedding Anniversary Getaway to Brighton

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Now I LOVE Easter Weekend… it is always well celebrated in our household and unlike previous years where little man has not entirely understood the concept of searching the garden for eggs, this year he was ON IT! Easter Weekend also saw me and the husband celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary by taking a well earned getaway to Brighton, just the two of us. If you are familiar with my blog or know me personally, you will know that our honeymoon, although beautiful and stunning, was not the greatest of idyllic adventures due to personal circumstances. A weekend in our favourite British Town was perfect; as was coming home to a chilled Easter with our small  dude and family.



I have always rambled on about how much importance i place on making time for YOU and not loosing yourself through the struggles of Motherhood; but is is JUST as important to not loose sight of your relationship with your other half either. Me and the man always try and have date nights date nights every now and again and take time for just us in the form of weekends away too. A few years ago we took a mini break to Manchester for the mans Birthday, and of course last year it was our honeymoon, but this year we returned to our favourite British town of Brighton to celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary ad it was just what we needed (Especially as little lady is due in a couple of months and lets be honest, when is the next time we will be able to get away just as husband and wife going to be?!)

It was my first time booking with Air BnB which was a really amazing plunge into the unknown as I was really impressed with the payment options and the ease of booking; also the lovely Trevor that owned our little pad for the weekend was so lovely and helpful and even left us a pack of biscuits to enjoy with a well earned cuppa once we arrived.



The flat was really well decorated and suited Brighton, and us, really well… so quirky and unique.



If we had a van to hand we would have totally taken half of the furniture home with us!



Unlike booking a hotel room, with Air BnB you can opt to rent a whole place, like we did, and have free roam of an entire flat during your stay. It was particularly useful as we knew a couple of friends who live in Brighton so could invite the over before we went out for drinks and actually be able to sit around a dinner table or in a living area, not just a bed!

We have been to Brighton before, just before our little man was born actually, and although we have visited most places before there is always more to discover and old favourites to return to.



The pier is a must… every time; especially as the husband has a small gambling problem when it comes to claw machines! He loves them! We also, due to my immense belly and strained walking legs, found some live music to chill to in a bar at the end of the pier. Bliss.




A fish and chip dinner, of course, and drinks in a cool local pub/bar with friends made it a perfect first afternoon/evening away.



The bar man even created a Mocktail just for me! He named it The Anal though… purely because every time my husband ordered it he’d have to say ‘Can I have an Anal please’…

The Saturday was utterly exhausting as we trawled nearly every single little indie junk and independent shop in the lanes drooling over things we can’t yet afford!



WE took a stroll around the Pavillion Gardens, which are BEAUTIFUL, and then visited the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery that are n the same grounds.




We really waned to see the Ancient Egypt rooms they have there and there was also an amazing exhibition of Transology which I was super impressed by and then a room gull of fashion which is like my dream!





In our long standing love of all things Italian we couldn’t resist IL Bistro for lunch as their freshly cooked Italian cuisine and fabulously priced set menu was a perfect filler before our Cinema trip.




If you haven’t yet experienced an independent Cinema and live in the surrounding area of Brighton I implore you to make your next film viewing at Dukes at Komedia; it is the most amazing Cinema I have ever set foot in!


It only has two screens showing the latest films out and a lovely little seating area with a bar where you can order alcoholic beverages, pizza, gourmet hot dogs and homemade cake… you would think that this enough is amazing… but what if I told you you can take all of these things IN TO THE CINEMA!?!?!? Mind.Blown.

Another amazing thing about Air BnB is that fi your are heavily pregnant and have had a tough day of walking the entire breadth of Brighton twice over and just want to slump on a sofa instead of sitting in a restaurant for dinner… you CAN! Que Deliveroo and our first experience of TacoBell (Ohmygosh I am now hooked… if only they had one nearer us!)


Our journey home was one of loving memories and an eagerness to return to our wee man to see if the Easter Bunny had left any eggs in our garden!





He actually grasped the hunt for eggs this year… notable Easter Bunny thing but that will come in time! Instead of having to be shown where the eggs are he actually actively hunted for them, which for him is a really great step of understanding and we loved watching his little excited face as he discovered another shiny, spherical beauty.




We did try not to go all out on the chocolate goodness though and opted for some non-edible presents for our little man in the form of colouring and sticker books and a personalised wooden bunny to hang on our Easter Tree (A tradition my Mama used to uphold every year so I have sort of inherited!)


Fox and Weave £6.00 

Easter Sunday was spent in a travelled out, Easter roast, chocolate, film and sofa slump preparing our bodies and minds for the family fuelled Easter Monday ahead!


We managed to cram in seeing both sides of our families, which is just as well as I had baked up a veritable Easter feast in the form of hot cross buns, Easter nests, cookies and a big ass Easter Cake!




If you fancy baking any of these you can find the recipes (… except for the cookies which I have yet to add…) in the Rosy Mama Recipes section of the blog. The Easter Cake was just a simple Victoria Sponge, which you will find in the Recipe section and then I covered with buttercream and covered the top on speckled eggs and little Easter Chicks.


It was an exhausting yet brilliant weekend and I am psyched for our next family celebration… which will be my 30th Birthday! Eeeeek!


What did you get up to for Easter Weekend? Do you have and Easter Traditions?



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