What Mums REALLY want this Mother’s Day

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Mothers Day is on the horizon, so what do Mothers REALLY want? The answer: A break, a happy family day out wth no tears, a clear mind, a tidy house, an interrupted bath, a day to herself. I think what Mothers REALLY want this Mothers Day is not so much the flowers, the chocolate, the cards (however nice and thoughtful they can be)… it is simply a day just for her; I mean isn’t that the reason its called Mothers Day?

Here are some ideas, if your struggling to grasp the concept, of how this could be achieved; Mama Guilt free might I add! YOU DESERVE IT, so stop telling yourself for whatever reason you do not!

Flying Solo

I have seen a couple of women partake in the rare pleasure recently of ‘Flying Solo’; and when I say flying i literally mean flying… like in an aeroplane… to a destination of your own choice… on your own!

Now this may not be everyones cup of metaphorical tea but I know I would adore the opportunity to explore a city or town all by myself without the sluggish drag of others wearing you down and making you compromise all of your dining, culture, timing and transport choices.



This is me in Italy for our honeymoon last year; I said many times during our visit that I would LOVE to go back on my own…

There are quite a few women jumping on this bandwagon recently so hats off to the awesome women behind Kiki Blah Blah, The Winter and Rain and fellow Punky Mom Mirabelle Buttersfield for all venturing into utter escapism and taking the plunge!

Two of these lovely women jetted off to Amsterdam and the other went to Berlin… Where would YOU go?

A spa day

Now this is a little more achievable if you don’t have the cash to splash on a weekend away. Having been to a couple of spa days I can only recommend them enough for utter relaxation and unwind.


… a very hungover and blurry shot of me and a few of my lovelies at our Spa Day for Part Two of my Hen Do last year!

I am a sucker for a massage as I find they are an amazing escape from reality and really do seem to wash all your worries away and leave you feeling refreshed, cosy and with a clear mind.

For other ways you can relax see my post ’11 ways to deal with Stress’

Night out with friends


Sometimes through parenting we lose our true selves to the label ‘Mom’; so sometimes it is nice to just have a reminder of who we are but spending some time with our friends and enjoying the company of an adult without having to run off every minute or so to run after a feral child that is getting bored of the coffee shop you are attempting to have a conversation in whist drinking a cup of tea or coffee while it is still hot…

Getting out is also a real struggle when you are a parent but it is essential for any Mother to try and find, even just one evening every so often to just let it all loose and have a good time!


See my tips on ‘How To Rock Your Moms Night Out’

Housework done

Now I am certainly not trying to assume anything here, or create a divide or any angst in the male population as I am aware that every family has its own dynamic…

BUT if you ARE one of those Mothers who tends to be the main undertaker of housework and feel that although your other half helps out, it is only due to your incessant nagging or reminding (which is still you being the only one that remembers and so you are the sole organiser of housework duties) let them do it for a day!

Or even a week!

I find that a clean and tidy house is MUCh less stressful an environment to live in and personally my anxiety levels are much worse when I come home to mess of wake up to mess.

Dinner made/or out

Again I am not presuming that only Mothers do the cooking here, but even if your other half cooks, i don’t know about you but we have a deal in our house that whoever cooks doesn’t have to wash up after.

SO… Im guessing that whoever cooks, you are either cooking or washing up and that is not cool on Mothers Day so either let them do it all for once or go and enjoy a nice, luxurious meal out!


A silent bath

I am also partial to some relaxing music whilst in the bath but when I say silent I refer to more noise of the child created variety.


I think it is every Mothers plight to find themselves either bugged continuously by children when they are trying to take a relaxing soak in the bath OR they find the child/ren actually climbing in with them!

If you haven’t read ‘5 Minutes Peace’ by Jill Murphy check out how you can slyly ‘Promote Mama Time To Your Kids with The Large Family’ 

If you are partial to a gift for the Mother in your household (or even just to yourself… you deserve it!) there are someways you can make times like a relaxing bath even more special and sensual with products like Arnicare.



Look out for Arnicare in Boots, Holland & Barrett, Independent Pharmacies and Amazon.

Arnica Bath & Massage Balm is dual purpose and designed with Mums in mind as is a perfect addition to a relaxing bath to not only hydrate tired skin but to calm the senses after a long, hectic day.

A cup of tea and cake

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably find that I actually make time for this EVERY Day… maybe not cake every day 9I wish) but at least a cup of tea and something delectable.

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

For many Mothers I know that just sitting down to enjoy a hot beverage can be an extreme luxury given the time consuming tasks that seem to unfold in the life of being a parent!

So on Mothers Day PLEASE, if you don’t have the time or money for anything else… get someone to make you a cup of tea and sit there and enjoy it with a slice of cake (… or a whole cake… I’m not judging!)

A clear mind

I think the most important thing that we can take from all of these ideas is that what a Mother REALLY wants, is for her mind to be clear; clear of distraction, clear of lists of things to do, clear of daily her families daily or weekly schedule, clear of stress, clear of worry.

So for just ONE day… or even just  portion of ONE day… let her, and let yourself more to the point (Depending on who is reading this!) just sit.

Just. Sit.

Just. Breathe.


Just… for one day.


What do you have planned this Mothers Day? or what surprises do you have planned for the Mother in your household? Have you found these ideas helpful?

*This post contains products that were gifted but all opinions are my own.





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