Rockin’ Valentines Gift Guide 2018

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So Valentines Day is fast approaching and finding the right gift to show you care can be an irritating task; so here at Rock and Roses Mama I have collated a few ideas of both amazing (and some delicious) gifts AND more frugal ways of saying ‘I Love You’.

I know that everyone has a differing opinion on the whole ‘Valentines Day thing’ and last year I shared some great tips on how to use the occasion as a way to not lose sight of your relationship as a couple in the madness of having children and reconnect with your partner. I am aware that a lot of you think that Valentines Day is commercialised and full of red tacky plastic BUT it CAN be a great reminder of how to show our affections and really truly appreciate those in our lives that we overlook or undervalue in the day to day hubbub of family life.

So… I have worked with a few brands and my own ingenuity to bring you a list of the coolest and more unique ways of showing your affections this Valentines season.

1. Chocolate!

Ok I have started off with the obvious one but who DOESNT enjoy chocolate?! Especially when you can boxes like this bad boy from Jenny Wren


Catering for all tastes, the three-layered folding box has hand finished Belgian milk, white and dark chocolates on each tier (and believe me they are delectable!)

The founder actually said:

“We only make chocolate gift boxes that you can buy for under £10 and still get a ‘WOW’ from the recipient!”



Available for purchase from Sainsbury’s £6.49

Another delicious and yes… once again… chocolatey gift is a pot of pure heaven from Jim Jams. I think this could be a perfect one for the kids as it contains only 8.7% sugar in comparison the leading brands, which typically contain 56.3%, all without compromising on taste!



I also know that Pancake Day is coming up and these make a perfect addition to the middle of a freshly flipped warm pancake!


RRP £2.60/350g – Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, Booths, Ocado.

2. Flowers.

Again, yes I am going for obvious choices here but a lush bunch of flowers can brighten anyone’s spirits. Unlike the obvious choice of flowers however I am going to suggest the everlasting bunch of flowers from Preston Paper Flowers; Paper Roses that can be made out of any paper or colour of your choice to make a truly personalised gift.

Preston Paper Flowers are offering Valentines Day Specials in the form of a personalised Valentines Frame with a rose made from a music sheet of your choice…


Or a beautiful Bouquet of red Roses that can be customised if you wish to have some of the roses made from a song, book or any words of your choice.


You can visit their Facebook Page or Etsy Shop to order!

3. Handmade.

On the theme of food still I offer up a more frugal suggestion of baking or making your loved one an edible treat; but with a twist.

Grab yourself some silicone moulds and make your special person a breakfast with love with heart shaped eggs! You simply pop the mould in the frying pan and crack the egg into the middle; let it cook through in the mould before removing!

Why not use our failsafe Shortbread recipe and mould heart shaped shortbreads for a sweet treat?

4. Cosmetics for him.

Men love to be pampered too and why not?! There are some great little gift boxes from Men-U that are useful yet a total treat for a guy that loves to keep his appearances up and would really appreciate a special pamper!



My husband can vouch that they smell delectable and leave your face feeling fresh and revived!


5. Cosmetics for her.

I have worked with Phil Smith before and they have always been a great product that I am always more than happy to include in my Guides as they really are great!

This time I was lucky enough to be able to try out their new Total Treat range in line with Valentines Day and if you follow me on my Insta Stories you will have seen that as soon as I opened the package I was greeted with the most amazing scent!


I also have quite unruly hair that gets very dry and is a little unmanageable at times; I have my tried and tested Shampoo and Conditioner that I never stray from so I was wary about giving these a go; I have to say that I was actually really impressed! Not only did they indeed smell divine but the Argan Oil really did wonders from my usually lioness like mane!


6. Date Night.

As mentioned before I have written posts on why it is super important to keep the spark alive between you and your partner when  there are children in the mix as it is so often overlooked!


Use this special occasion to go on that Date Night you have been putting off for so long! Take a trip to your local Cinema or book a table at their favourite restaurant. Go and see a band at your local pub or bar, just go grab a few drinks at your local pub or bar for that matter!

Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

Even if it is just a romantic stroll (… ok possibly not the right time of year for that but  you could wrap up warm!)


This is a great site if you are looking for something a little bit more eccentric and unique. Everything on this site is handmade with a little bit of quirk that, funnily enough, you won’t find on the high street! I bought my husband a hilarious but yet slightly, verging on romantic keyring from there that says ‘You’re a Dick but I Love You’.

If you are not into the ‘lovey dove’ stuff but still want to show a little love then things like this are perfect!

8. Weekend Away.

And before anyone says it, no this doesn’t have to cost the earth and Im not talking some perfect getaway to the Bora Bora; somewhere not even that far in your own country perhaps?

It is our First Wedding Anniversary next month and we have booked a lovely flat from Air B’nB which is affordable and romantic as you know you won’t have to share the accommodation with anyone else… you can come and go as you please and your host usually leaves a few essentials and most importantly guides to the best local restaurants, takeaways etc.

9. A Bottle o’ Bubbly.

Although personally, due to the small Preston addition currently growing inside me, I will not be partaking in this one (Unless anyone can offer up a non-alcoholic alternative!?) a bottle of champagne, Prosecco or wine is a perfect gift to share (or not!) this Valentines as not only does it taste great and is probably a nice treat for that someone special; is offers a momentary escape from the chaos of living with small ones!

10. Night In.

Often mistaken with every other night of the week… I feel like ‘The Night In’ can be underrated. There is no reason why staying in, especially if you cannot find or afford a babysitter, can’t be as romantic and special as going out somewhere!


Why not plan an evening filled with candles, movies, popcorn, a special dinner… a candlelit bubble bath even!


So what will your special plans be this Valentines Day? Will you be taking the frugal and more personal route of splashing the cash on a delectable or fun, quirky gift for your loved one?

Whatever you do and however you spend your Valentines Day, the most important thing is taking the opportunity to show someone that you care, whoever that may be. 





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