IM BACK BABY! Rock and Roses Mama Relaunch…


SO after a long blogging break I am officially pleased to say that I will be returning Rock and Roses Mama to the blogosphere! IM BACK! As some of the more avid readers of my blog will remember I had a few family and personal reasons why taking a break from something as consuming as blogging had to be done. To be honest my time is no less packed in but our little (and expanding – more on that in a bit…) family is definitely back on its feet and ready to take on the blogging world once more. This post is mainly just to say a refreshed Hello and to update you all on a few things that have been going on in our lives before I get on to the hard stuff again…




So as you would expect the usual things have happened; Little mans birthday was a roar-some success and I am sad that I didn’t get to share that with you all as, not to blow ones own trumpet, but i was pretty damn proud of the day!



As you can tell we LOVE a Birthday party and you can catch a glimpse of the others we have hosted for him here!



As you all know I love a festival so once more I took myself with a few friends to our annual local music festival Victorious (I have written about it before here) and had SUCH a great time; the festival is actually getting pretty big now and they have had to expand their square footage and footfall to accommodate the growing popularity and strength of bands that play.



It was a great way to see in the last big blow out of drinking frivolity… because I was soon to find out…


Possibly the biggest news of all came late September when we found out that our little family is soon to be expanding and we are expecting our second little bubba! SO a new addition to our family rock band… clearly.


Last week we also found out that we have a little lady growing nicely in there and we couldn’t be more overjoyed!

Cue many a pregnancy and baby related post people…

We also had a lovely and chilled Christmas with just the three (well… four!)  of us on the day, which made a very welcome change to the usual frantic hubbub of shipping your child to every relatives house and forcing two or three Christmas Dinners down yourself so as not to offend!




The weeks leading up to Christmas were a little more hectic as we bought our first home and, in a mad twist of fate, had our complete date the 18th December. Yes… we are clearly insane! BUT we got it done and we are all settled in now; lots to do to it to make it our own but we can’t wait to get stuck in now we have our very own place to call home.

The New Year brought a lot of success with my other freelance business Preston Paper Flowers which I started shortly after our Wedding last year; there was a bit of a Christmas lull but Im back in full swing with orders now so hoping with this alongside I may be able to FINALLY give up the day job and do what I love from home with my bubbas!



Anyway… I will leave you with all of this glorious information to take in and I will be back on the blogging game from the end of the month.

*Does little dance*

See you soon!

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