Food for all the family with ‘Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery’; A Review


The Rock and Roses Mama household were kindly invited to sample the new menu at our local Carvery, The Inn By The Sea in Lee-On-Solent, that has recently been refurbished as a Stonehouse Pizzeria; as we are a family of foodies there was no doubt in my mind that we would accept and take Jude to test its ‘toddler-ability’ and family friendliness too! I was wary at first as Jude has recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and it is sometimes a struggle taking him to places that can overstimulate him; but we are always determined to give things a go and so off we went, and we were all suitably impressed! Especially Jude when it came to that joyous time of… pudding! 


IM BACK BABY! Rock and Roses Mama Relaunch…


SO after a long blogging break I am officially pleased to say that I will be returning Rock and Roses Mama to the blogosphere! IM BACK! As some of the more avid readers of my blog will remember I had a few family and personal reasons why taking a break from something as consuming as blogging had to be done. To be honest my time is no less packed in but our little (and expanding – more on that in a bit…) family is definitely back on its feet and ready to take on the blogging world once more. This post is mainly just to say a refreshed Hello and to update you all on a few things that have been going on in our lives before I get on to the hard stuff again…