Adverse Blogging Conditions…


You may have noticed by the state of recent *Musing*s that the Rock and Roses Mama household has been going through a severe amount of turbulence recently; that on top of the sheer volume of work I have put upon myself in my daily life has ended in my mental state being a little awry. Something has to give.


I started blogging with the intention of inspiring Mothers; supporting and empowering them through the trials and tribulations that we encounter as parents and encouraging women to never lose sight of who they are in the process.

Through the shitstorm we have been battling over the past few months I feel like I have lost my way.

I have piled my timetable high with appointments (Portage once a week and Contact Centre every two) and workload (working part time and juggling two businesses from home… with a toddler!) and the mental pressure that my personal life has then added to that has meant that my mind is a constant tornado.

Its like I’m that woman in Twister (my all time fave Sunday afternoon movie!)… stuck in the middle fighting to stay on the ground.

So therefore I can’t really justify this blog anymore until I have made it through the eye of said storm and come through the other side. Smiling.

I will of course honour any existing projects and collaborations and am hoping to refinished up in a week or tow where I will write a final farewell.

I will keep the site live as the advice and tips on here are still invaluable… to be honest I could use some of them too!

I am hoping the I will be able to come back refreshed, and able to empower and inspire once again!



2 thoughts on “Adverse Blogging Conditions…

  1. Ahh I’m really sorry to read this Rebecca, you’ve done so well with your blog but completely understand where you’re coming from. I hope things settle down for you soon and you get a chance to relax and spend some time focusing on you and the family. Look after yourself and hope to see you back on the blogging scene in the future xx

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