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Stay clean and safe with Milton: PLUS ‘Milton Hygiene Kit’ GIVEAWAY!

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Keeping your children safe and clean from germs and nasties, especially when still very little, is probably one of the most important things on your radar as a parent. It is often such a headache looking through different products and wondering which brand is the best to go for, but Milton has been the number one for sterilising for over 70 years and it is still going strong today. Changing with the times, from the age old ‘Sterilisation Tablets’, Milton have brought out new and exciting products to suit the modern times and I am lucky enough to be offering one of you a Milton Hygiene Kit of your own in this exciting Giveaway!

Milton Review Giveaway

I was sent my own Milton Hygiene Kit to try as I have too been faced multiple times, especially when little man was newborn, with a sea of products that claim to offer sterilisation and safety from germs.

I remember being a slight antibacterial hand gel addict due to being so worried about my little wee one and would keep a bottle in every room of the house!

Theres also the issue of dummies, how many times do they drop them and you think “Should I really be putting that straight back in their mouths?” or you succumb to the sly suck of it yourself so as to remove and ‘floor germs’.

And how much of a kerfuffle is the daily task of sterilising bottles and teats…?

Milton have a range of products that makes all of these hitherto menial and stressful situations so much easier and safer!

The Milton Hygiene Kit comprises four amazing products; An Antibacterial Hand Gel, Washing Up Liquid, Antibacterial Surface Spray and Antibacterial Wipes.

Milton Review Giveaway

I will happily admit I was one of the hordes of Mothers through the ages that have used Milton Tablets to sterilise all of little mans bottles and teats, but if this innovative stuff had been around then I would have definitely gone for that instead!

Milton Review Giveaway

I mean how useful are wipes after the realisation that they can be used on practically anything?!? They are the saviour of the Mothering World!

The Milton surface ones though are antibacterial and can be used to sterilise anything that your precious little tyke may potentially get their hands on or pop in their mouths.

Perfect for on the go!

Milton Review Giveaway

Milton Review Giveaway

Milton Review Giveaway

I also LOVE the concept of this washing up liquid as I was forever soaking and scrubbing to get that milk residue off of little mans bottles, teats, toys, breast pump parts… but this bad boy is dermatologically tested and formulates for this precise reason!


Milton Review Giveaway

I should take this opportunity to note that I am all for being clean and safe but I feel that you can over sterilise your home and your child’s immune system cannot therefore fully develop leaving them far more susceptible to illnesses as they grow; I would never want to promote over sterilisation at all for this reason.

But Milton was my product of choice with their tablets when it came to the standard and essential sterilisation of baby feeding equipment and breast pump parts, which is why I’m amazed by these new products that are still the same ol’ Milton we know and love in the M Motherhood community, nut they are ones that have been adapted for the Modern, busy bee Mama!

Milton have given me the opportunity to Giveaway a complete ‘Milton Hygiene Kit’ for one of my readers so if you want to try out their amazing new products, enter my Rafflecopter Giveaway by clicking the link below:

Rock & Roses Mama: Milton Hygiene Kit Giveaway

What products did you find were invaluable to early Motherhood in helping the tedious sterilisation process? Have you tried any of the above products? What did you think?



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