How To Motivate Yourself When You Have NO Energy

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When you have the energy levels of a sloth finding motivation and learning how to motivate yourself can be an immense struggle. I have myself been known recently to have waning spirits and definitely been lacking in motivation to do pretty much anything, but this week I have boosted my ethos for life and bounced back (although Im not going to write an Alan Partridge like Auto-Biography about it…) There are sometimes, I admit it, times when it is entirely necessary to have that time to relax and let life wash over you; a break is totally amazing and super refreshing every now again (which is actually one of my points below…) but if you need to wake yourself up and shake that lethargic hole you have found yourself in, these tips will really help you through. 

How To Motivate Yourself

Get up, showered and dressed

Now I know for a lot of women this alone can be a huge daily struggle; myself included. I am a sucker for dragging myself reluctantly out of bed,, donning a dressing gown and heading for breakfast and the sofa only to find myself cocooned there for an eternity with very little energy to do anything else.

Although I totally condone a few cheeky pyjama days, when you are looking to boost your energy levels this just won’t do.


I find that the days when I get up and shower and get dressed BEFORE I head downstairs i am so much more productive and the day its seems to have that energised edge.

You banish the plaguing thoughts of ‘oh I’ll get ready in a bit…’

You are done. Ready to go. Born ready.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B is essential to boosting your energy levels; It can be found naturally in some foods such as tuna, turkey, potatoes, bananas, whole grains and pulses.

You can grab yourself some Vitamin Supplements or give yourself a daily dose of energy and wellbeing by having a drink a Berocca; soluble tablets enriched with Vitamin B and  Vitamin C. The supermarket versions of them are just as good too!

Warning: Although most energy drinks state that they contain a lot of Vitamin B to boost your energy, these can be dangerous and I don’t advise them at all as they can have unnecessary amounts that can be quite detrimental to your health and can leave you feeling worse.

Let light in

There is nothing worse than the groggy feeling of being inside in a mental state that is slowly slipping into madness as cabin fever creeps in.

Open the curtains and crack open a window or two!

Letting the ;right shine in, both in reality and metaphorically, will be your saviour on days when your energy levels are akin to a tortoise.

Fresh Air

Like above, open a few windows and breathe in some fresh air!

Constantly breathing in recycled air in your home is not only unhealthy for you and your little ones but it is just not going to make you feel refreshed and raring to go, it will only serve your groggy state and let it manifest.

If you are feeling brave take you small person on a little walk.


And if you are feeling even braver, go for an adventure! There are some amazing places to take your kids that are free and you can just let them roam free in the belly of nature while you stroll behind them and soak in the beauty of your world.

If you are looking for inspiration for places to go I have a space on here that is dedicated to reviews of the places I take my little man; Have a read of ‘Places’ and go wild!


I have written before about ‘My Love Affair With Exercise’ as it is definitely a love/hate relationship.


I know that when you are feeling like your A Game is far beyond your reach, exercising is the last thing that you feel like you can achieve or even muster the motivation to attempt, but it will be so beneficial.

If you can just even go for a walk, or do a few sit ups etc before you get in the shower you will feel a natural boost in your day to day self.

I have been using an exercise bike that I fond an amazingly easy way to grab a bit of cardio every now and again as I can just sit and pedal in front of my favourite movie!


I have also been searching far and wide for a good yoga class to join so will hopefully be able to write about the benefits of that soon too; I have heard that it is both amazingly relaxing and beneficial to both body and mind so seems perfect to calm the soul and give you that drive for life!

Watch or listen to something motivational

I have always been a massive music lover and have been of the opinion that there is a music genre for every life situation so there is no excuse not to listen.

I have an array of playlist that I pop on when I am different moods as I know that some songs can help me and change my mood, or enhance it, depending on what I am feeling at the time.

If youre not a music fan then there is certainly a film for every mood too!


I have made a handy list of ‘Movies To Make You Happy’ which is especially for struggling and lethargic Mamas.

Write lists and manage in bitesize portions

I think that one of the main causes for the lethargic feeling where your motivation to do anything is lost to the grooves of the couch, is definitely being overwhelmed.

Life throws an awful lot of crap at us and Mamas in particular are extremely strong and handle a lot of shite (literally) that can sometimes come toppling on top of us, resulting in days where we, in the words of Bruno Mars “…dont feel like doing anything… i just wanna lay in my bed.”

When life gets too much and the list of to-do’s grown forever longer and longer until you can’t cope and you don’t know where to start, write those bad boys down and condense into bitesized, manageable sections where you realistically set out what you CAN achieve in a day, morning or afternoon.

If you lower your expectation of yourself to a more realistic level (because we all know we strive to achieve so much more than we know is humanly possible ladies do we not? We are NOT superhuman, however much we feel as if we could be considering the amount we have to juggle on a daily basis!) and get a couple of the things done at a time you will feel much more accomplished.

Also being able to tick something off a list is one of THE most satisfying things ever!

Writing things on a list even though you’ve already done them just so you can tick it off? Anyone? Just me?


I have written a similar posts that deal with some of the same issues regarding energy levels in ’15 Incredibly Easy Ways To Lift Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down’ and ‘How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation In Parenthood’ so check those out for more hacks like these. 

Have you found this post useful? Do you have any tips on motivating yourself when you feel like your bast friend is the sofa for the day?




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