Rainy Days In With Kids: How To Stay Sane

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Staying sane on days in with kids, when the weather typically gets all English and rainy on our Mom asses is a trying feat indeed. The thought of staying indoors for an entire day, getting cabin fever with a cooped up child or children that crave your constant attention and won’t let you sit for longer than 5 minutes (Im probably being generous here…), can be terrifying. I often find that my little man is much happier and high spirited on days that we go on adventures, we are both entertained and the fresh air keeps us happy; when a downpour strikes it is always best to be prepared with some handy hacks to burn the hours and to avoid slipping into the otherwise unstoppable clutches of insanity!

How To Survive Rainy Days With Kids Indoors

Obviously I’m aware that some of you may not be into some of this, but they are just ideas to get you started and spark some sort of inspo for less clock watching, cabin feverish days in and more relaxed, fun adventures.


Arts and Crafts

Always a winner if your into this jazz! I know there are a lot of crafty Mamas out there that love a good ol’ crafting sesh, so grab the paints, papers, glue, stackable goods, pens etc and go wild!

The husband likes to find something that would have been otherwise discarded; toilet roll middles, old boxes etc and makes them into awesome things like telescopes, binoculars, didgeridoos, cars, buses etc… let your imagination go wild…

(I’m thinking about potentially posting a list of awesome crafts to make out of your recyclables too if anyone would appreciate that? Just comment below and let me know if this would be cool?)

If you run a small business from home that is Art and Crafts based then why not let your littles have a little go alongside you doing your work so that you can et on with it without them getting bored and needing entertainment?

Movie Days

This nifty lil trick can benefit you in an amazing way…

Movie Days are a great trick especially if you are suffering with a hangover and are not in the best parenting state! (For find the other BEST ways to help deal with your kids on a hangover please check out this lifesaver of a post!)

Get your littles all excited for a day in with their fave movies by going all out with theatre style snacks (think nachos, hot dogs, popcorn… maybe avoid sweets and ice cream unless you really want a sugar rush child on your hands!) and drawing the curtains for that in-cinema experience!

Perfect for letting them couch it and have a rest day while you do the same or use it as an opportunity to get shit done!

Inside Picnics

Lunchtime doesn’t have to be boring when you are indoors, grab a blanket and host an indoor picnic with buffet style treats!


Why not invite all of the sit-able stuffed toys to join you too!

Make Mealtimes an Activity

If your bundles of joy are not a fan of mealtimes and getting them to eat is a daily struggle; or just if you have been clock watching all day and need to burn some time… why not let them join you in the creation of your lunch and dinner?

Places like Tiger are great for picking up child sized and safe peelers etc so the they can help you peel potatoes, chop veg, sir and mash etc…

Yes… it will take substantially longer for you to prepare your meals but that is they beauty of it! You’re essentially making a potentially mundane daily task into an activity for your children to join in with instead of attempting to do it with them tugging at you for entertainment!

Also, they are much more likely to show an interest in eating the food if they helped make it!


Always a great bribery/distraction tactic.

Obviously make sure you attempt to keep most of the daytime snacks as healthy a possible; were not talking plying them with crisps all day. For tips on how to stay healthy food wise the have a gander at 9 Hacks for Healthy Days Out This Summer. 



The Mothering world seems a little divided in opinion in the issue of iPads and the use of them with children… I have posted a few times about different apps that you can get for children that are both a great way to Get Shit Done (My Review of Kidloland App) and to educate.


A great App that we were asked to review is Ebookadabra; I actually really liked this one, as did little man as he is a huge fan of books and Ebookadabra includes hundreds of books by leading publishers like Disney and Harper Collins.

Apps can be a great source of educational material and fun too! So personally, I would feel bad about cracking the iPad out if you really need some time to yourself or if your child is going a little stir crazy inside!

Non noisy toys and games

Ok… just find a good place to hid those bad boys as there is NOTHING worse that the repetitive torture of noisy kids toys when you have no escape!

Music and Dancing

If your small people love music, especially if they like your music (Little dude loves a bit of Elton John, Joan and The Jets, The Beatles…) then a great way to keep them happy is to stick on some tunes and let loose!

Good way to lift your soul too Mama.


I loe a good baking session and although I can, without doubt, say that you children will adore the outcome of said baking session, they will also love to help out and get all floury and batter stained in the process!

Left Over Easter Chocolate Brownies Recipe

I would like to take this opportunity to also point out that a house filled wth the smell of freshly baked goods is THE BEST smelling house EVER!

Check out my Rosy Mama Recipes for some inspo on what to get a’baking with your little budding bakers.

Have friends over

If you can’t make it out as the weather is keeping you inside and driving is not an option… why not host a playdate and invite friends over; kidless or not, some company can be so refreshing on endless days in with small people!


Adult conversation of any kind can be a lifesaver in such situations!

If your friends have children of their own this is a great opportunity to let them get on with playing between themselves while you and you friends have some well earned adult time over a hot beverage (or wine…) and maybe some of your sweet treats you have baked! ‘Heres one I made earlier’ moment…

Did you find these tips useful? Have you habitually suffered the cabin feverish days on rain and captive joy (sarcasm heavily intended!) Do you have any tips to share? 






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