Blog Blues: When life gets in the way…


I have done a lot of opening up recently and in writing my recent musing ‘Learning To Open Up: Letting Down The Barriers’ I felt an immense sense of relief and support from the crazy awesome work that is The Blogosphere. I am a bit late in this weeks musing and within it are the reasons why… 


I don’t know about you but when shit hits the metaphorical fan of life, it is immensely hard to keep rolling with the punches and carry on as normal. Something has to give right?

Well… I am one of those insane souls that tries incredibly hard to keep my family together by picking myself up and staying strong despite life hurdles.

Of course I promote and know that I need ‘me time’ every now and again.

Of course I am aware that every busy ass bee Mama craves some downtime.

But the immense struggles my lil fam has faced recently; and the rollercoaster of emotions we have experienced have left me a little bereft of energy.

Last week I posted about ‘The fine line between being cool and lethargy’ and I feel like in trying to stay relaxed and anxiety, stress free I have slipped into a life lethargy which has made housework, blogging and working incredibly difficult.

I am also very acutely aware that when you are living with a spouse with depression that it is very easy to slide down that black hole of mental health yourself… so in being aware I am trying my hardest to push through.

But I am worried.

I have recently been ill and had to be sent home from work. My energy levels were awful and it just took everything out of me.

I know that the illness was brought on by me not giving myself an emotional break; being run down from life!

I tried to keep on top of my little online space where I my online presence was starting to become noticed and was potentially edging towards a career path, but it has been hard.

Im sure that within a few weeks I will be back on form and back to my usual upbeat self.

So please bear with…

Maybe I need to have a whole day to myself and take my own advice from ’15 Incredibly Easy Ways To Lift Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down’  or watch films from ‘Movies To Make You Happy: You’ve got This Mama’ ?



2 thoughts on “Blog Blues: When life gets in the way…

    1. Yes definitely… I think it is just a Mothers way… but we all need time to take lie day by day and just soak it in without the pressures of everything we put on ourselves. ❤


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