9 Hacks for Healthy Days Out with Kids this Summer

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I mean what Mama doesn’t need nifty hacks for keeping kids healthy during the Summer months? Wether you are surviving the school holidays or troublesome toddlers, it can be tough getting through the heat, keeping children entertained whilst trying to keep them healthy and yourself not feeling drained, exhausted and in need of an entire bottle of wine every evening! My little dude loves days out and can get pretty stir crazy if we keep him inside so we try and go on outdoors adventures frequently, but this does often mean that the heat and humidity can lead to tantrums and exhaustion and I never thought we’d be able to get through them without the lure os crisps and treats; but using these super easy hacks I have managed to survive the Summer months with a healthy troublesome two toddler and had fun along the way! 

Summer Hacks For Healthy Days Out With Kids

1. Pre-Freeze

As the temperature rises there is nothing better than a ice cold snack for kids. When little dude was younger and weaning we would buy the healthy meal pouches for outings and I have never really put any thought into buying anything like that again as I figured he’s too old now; cue the yummy fruit smoothie pouches from Del Monte and Disney! They are basically a kid version of a smoothie for adults and they will love the brightly coloured Disney theme packaging.

Disney Del Monte Fruit Pouch

Disney Del Monte Fruit Pouch

Disney Del Monte Fruit Pouch Healthy Hacks For Kids

Pop them in the freezer and then into your bag before you go out for a slushy healthy snack that will cool down your little ones on days out this Summer!

Disney Del Monte Fruit Pouch Healthy Hacks For Kids

2. Homemade Fruity Ice

If you are having a day in the garden why not add some healthy fruit into your ice cubes or lollies?

Pop raspberries, blueberries or even strawberries into your ice cube trays before you fill them to add a fun yet healthy element to a glass of water.

Grab yourself some ‘make at home’ ice lolly moulds and make your own ice lollies from fruit juices and fruit!

3. Healthy Snack Alternatives

So I don’t know about you but my little man is a HUGE fan of crisps and there is nothing easier than grabbing a pack of those bad boys on your way out and stuffing them in your bag in case of a toddler in need of distraction at tantrum central while you are out and about.

However, I do not really encourage this as it is obviously quite bad for their health and there are healthier alternatives that will a bit of prep (We will talk about that one in point 9!) can make all the difference in your childs intake of good stuff!

Just think of the healthy things your little person likes to eat; I know this may be difficult but I’m sure there is SOMETHING! Wether its grapes, fruit, carrot sticks, cucumber… just pop some of these in little tupperware pots of sandwich bags to take with you on outings.

4. Disguise your normal snacks

Now this is a cheeky one but I am positive your kids will love them!

If your child is akin to my own and is a crisp lover then why not just make your own healthy crisps?

Thinly slice (I mean… very thinly… super thin) any of your favourite veg like carrots, sweet potato, parsnips, potatoes and then dry the sliced in kitchen roll or towel to get rid of excess water ( makes them crisp up better!) Spread them evenly across a baking tray, drizzle in olive oil and season (salt and pepper is a given but also if your child likes certain flavours of herbs and spices, like BBQ or Paprika then chuck that on too!)

Bake for around 20 minutes on 200C until crisp enough.

If you really want to disguise them save your old crisp packets and pop a portion on there when needed!

5. Healthy Drinks

The heat is a so dehydrating when it comes to little ones as they play, play, play and tire themselves out and don’t stop to think that they need to rehydrate. Water is obviously a given but sometimes they aren’t keen right? To be fair how often do we drink plain water? I certainly don’t really care for it , rather have some flavour in there.



So I found out about ‘Get More’ drinks for kids and I loved that they are sugar free, unlike a lot of other ‘child friendly’ beverages around in the shops.

These beauties are made with spring water, natural flavours and don’t have any nasty aspartame.



They are great for on the go for your lucnhooxes or picnics for healthy days out!

6. Healthy Food Activities

What better way to encourage healthy eating with your children on days out than to visit places where the outing IS the healthy food? Children LOVE to go Strawberry picking, blackberry picking or blueberry picking… you get the idea!

7. The Great Outdoors

There are so many places that are marketed for children that are littered with the temptation of unhealthy snack foods; anyone have to deal with that frequently occurring moment when your child spies an array of chocolate bars and crisp packets and HAS to have one unless you want them to throw DOWN!


What you need is the great outdoors! There are so many free places to take your kids on really fun days out…

I have a space dedicated to writing reviews of all of the Places we take our little man on days out; National Trust sitesCountry Parks and Festivals. 

8. Grow Your Own veg

The way to keep kids interested in the form place in healthy food is of course to let them get involved in the processes it goes through before it is sat in front of them on their dinner plate.

If you are a keen gardner or just starting out here are lots of different options for growing your own fruit and veg that you can get your little ones involved in.

Involving them in preparing their own food for a day out is a great hack for getting them interested in what they are eating.

9. Preparation is KEY

Now preparation is so SO important when trying to organise a day out with your kids and there is nothing worse than having done very little preparation and grabbing the easiest, most unhealthy snacks from the cupboard before leaving. Or, worse yet, not having time to really grab anything, or forgetting and having to pay for food on the way or while you are there.

Having little ones and managing to keep up with they food intake can be pretty pricey when you are out and about, so prepare the night before or early that morning and make sure you over compensate food wise as we all know how much they can plough through on an outing!

Do you have any nifty hacks for keeping kids healthy on days out over the Summer months? Have you found these tips helpful? 

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  1. Some fab tips here, particularly like grow your veg that’s something we do with the girls every year Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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