The fine line between being cool and lethargy; between being organised and stressed


Do you find yourself in a slob like state when you have told yourself to have a ‘stress free day of doing nothing’ but then feel even more tired and lethargic? Do you feel like make stress is good for keeping yourself organised and on top of your game? So every week, as my regular readers will know, I post a *Musing* that I have been pondering at the time, and where at times they might touch upon issues that are affecting our country at the time or personal struggles that I am facing myself (Last weeks saw an amazing response so thank you so much if you had a read of ‘Learning to Open Up; Letting Down Barriers’), this week I am debating a issue that I think affects everyone at some point and definitely Mothers. 


There is a huge pressure on Mothers especially in the parenting dynamic to juggle ALL of the plates (Especially if you are a Working Mum!) and keep the household running smoothly; but then there is also this huge expectation for Mothers to be ‘cool’ and ‘calm’, particularly from their spouses.

Im sure we have all been in the age old conversation where your spouse has forgotten yet another thing that they were supposed to do but god forbid if you politely remind them… thats nagging right?! And that you need to ‘calm down’?!?

Motherhood brings an unprecedented amount of organisation that is inexplicably linked to stress levels; but when we have those days where we just want to crawl into a hole and just ‘chill’ we feel pretty unproductive and things fall behind!

It is very, very hard to find a balance between being on your A Game and staying focussed when you are told to ‘chill out’ by those around you.

I have posted previously on how you can find simple ways to truly relax and find time for yourself (see ’11 ways to deal with stress’) and I truly believe that it is so so important to find these moments to indulge and cherish in relaxation, but being told to ‘be cool’ is another matter.

I have recently fallen victim to thinking, ‘let it go’ a little too much and have found myself in a state of extended lethargy that has made it quite an effort to bring myself to write posts like this and get anything done actually!

Balancing your life and mental state is a constant struggle though the crazy jungle that is parenting, I believe that a little stress is actually helpful to keeping organised; I also believe that relaxing a little too much has the potential of being counteractive and making you feel unproductive and therefore feeling worse about yourself, n to refreshed.


How do you balance your organisational self and the need to relax? Future post on balancing all the facets of your life in the pipeline maybe?


4 thoughts on “The fine line between being cool and lethargy; between being organised and stressed

  1. I’m totally unorganised and have really struggled to keep on top of things like housework and finances since having my daughter, it’s like my brain has been totally turned to mush and the exhaustion only compounds this! I often feel like things are on top of me so then I feel more stressed out and it’s a never ending cycle. I try to let it go but it doesn’t really work!
    It’s nice to know other people have similar thoughts on this!

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