Rockin’ Mama Interviews: Nyomi Winter from Nomipalony

Rockin' Mama Interview

As part of my quest to inspire Mamas to realise their potential to rock Mamahood whilst still being able to retain their own self identity and individuality, I started an interview series where I share the stories of fellow ‘Rockin’ Mamas’. Recently I have interviewed an array of fellow Mama Bloggers, including Vicki from Honesy Mum, Lauren from Dilan and Me and most recently Sophia from Tattooed TeaLady; Today I am interviewing not only a fellow Blogger but one that I have recently met in person at the fabulous BlogOn Conference in Manchester and she took me under her wing! I could not be happier that she has chosen to let me share her answers with you! 

Nyomi standing alone

  1. Tell us a little about you and your family. 


I’m Nyomi, 33. I’m from County Durham and live in South Tyneside just outside of Newcastle. I live with Papa Ginge who is a ‘proper geordie’ and our two children – Arlo 5 and Lena 2. I work part-time as a Project Officer and part-time as a blogger/vlogger at We like to get out and about, eat good food, drink good booze and do fun things with friends and family. Our favourite days are energetic ones where we are outdoors but then we get a really good feed at the end of it.


  1. What does Motherhood mean to you?


Love, joy and exhaustion. I’ve never been happier but I’ve never been more tired. I feel like I never stop and never sleep. Unfortunately I have been blessed with two non-sleeping kids. Arlo is finally getting there aged 5 but Lena is still breastfeeding and waking approximately 9,000 times per night. They make me laugh all the time though and I feel really grateful for my lot. I love being a mother and it surprised me to discover that it had been my calling all along.

family photo


  1. What struggles have you faced as Mama and how have you overcome that?


The biggest struggle has been nearly 6 years of sleep deprivation. Sometimes I’m so tired that I feel nauseated, have headaches and am certainly not safe to drive. I’ve learned how to cope though. People tell me they don’t know how I do it or they couldn’t do it but of course you have to, because there is no other alternative. I found breastfeeding my first kid difficult and with both children I’ve been very prone to blocked ducts/mastitis and milk blisters which has made breastfeeding a challenge but I persisted and am still going. I ended up in a Spanish A&E on holiday because of severe mastitis which was the pits! I also struggled a little with birth trauma following a category one emergency c-section with my first child – I have written about his birth story and how I overcame that birth trauma on my blog.


  1. Do you find time to relax and remember YOU?


Not nearly enough! I had just started finding time for the gym when I started blogging but found I couldn’t sustain the blog, my family, my job and the gym so that’s on the backburner for now. Because our kids are crap sleepers, going out on a night is a bit difficult so I try to arrange lunches out with my girlfriends once a month. I love going to gigs/festivals so I do that whenever I can. If I can’t find much time for me though I always just whack some good music on and have a dance party with the kids. A great song always helps me feel more like myself again.


  1. Tell us about your incredible business Nomipalony.


Nomipalony is my feminist family lifestyle blog and the associated social media that goes with it. I set the blog up in 2016 so have been going nearly 1.5 years now. Because I work and have two young kids it’s hard to produce a lot of content to the standard that I like to put out so at the moment I tend to post one (or sometimes two) new blog posts a week and one new vlog a week. I feel like it’s going reasonably well, I was a finalist in the parenting category at the UK Blog Awards this year and have just found out that I’m a finalist in the vlogging category at this year’s Northern Blog Awards. Most of all though I just LOVE connecting with my readers and am always excited to see a comment or message from them and always make sure that I make time to respond. I have lots of exciting ideas for the business – the only thing holding me back is finding the time to do it all.

Family photo standing

  1. What first inspired you to start Nomipalony?


I’m not sure really. I’m as extroverted as they come. I’m a total over-sharer so I’ve always loved (and have posted a lot on) social media. I guess blogging is a natural extension of that, it was always going to happen. I had thought about it on and off for years. Then after I had my first child my thoughts and feelings about myself and the world changed and shifted, as they often do. I had a lot to say and wanted an outlet for it. I also knew that some people made a living from blogging so I was curious to explore that too. The technical side of things had always put me off though. I made a New Year’s resolution in 2016 to finally do it and by the end of January we had launched. My only regret is having not done it sooner.


  1. Do you have any tips on balancing Mamahood, your career and YOU?


I’m not sure I’m great at this! Just do the best you can, you can’t do any more than that. Recognise when you feel wrung out and take steps to protect yourself when that happens. Ask for help, often. Try to make every day as happy as you can. Whatever little things you can do to perk up your day, just do it. Prioritise sleep – everything is easier when you have slept. Make time to meet up with people in real life as much as possible. You might feel you don’t have timor can’t be arsed but it will give you the inspiration and re-invigoration that you need to live your best life. Surround yourself with women who support you and want the best for you. Ones who you feel better after spending time with them. If you don’t have them in your life, do everything you can to find them. If you do have them, see them whenever possible.

Also, recognise any internalised sexism you might have and if you have a partner – make sure they are an equal partner and you work as a team. If the balance and division of duties isn’t fair then make it fair.


  1. Do you have a favourite inspirational quote or phrase to share with our readers?


You’ve got to inflate your own life-jacket first – the whole family rely on you. You need to look after yourself to be on form for them.


If it doesn’t make you want to do a happy dance then don’t buy it or don’t do it.


Be kind always but don’t take any shit.


Nevertheless, she persisted.


You can find Nyomi on her blog:


‪And Social Media Channels:

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about this rockin’ Mama and found inspiration to rock up your own Mama lifestyle. If you wish to take part in this series please pop me an email to

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