Bloggy Bride Goes on Honeymoon: Italian Style


So as many of you may already know (as I bang on about it often enough!) if you follow the #bloggybrides MASSIVE on Twitter, I got married a few months ago to a lovely man, my very own rock god.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the lucius Wedding Photographs of the day then take a gander in my post ‘Bloggy Bride gets Married’ 

Well the time came a week ago when we jetted off on our honeymoon adventure to Italy, the land of our favourite cuisine (and also a massive driving force is our joint adoration for The Sopranos!), and today I am sharing with you all our amazing week of sunshine, cocktails, cuisine, history and amazing sights. 


So the most important reason we went to Italy and in particular Sorrento was because about a year before our Wedding my Great Aunt who had taken me there with my Grandparents when I was a child, died; she left me a small fortune bless her and my grandparent also wanted to help to wth honeymoon costs so it seemed fitting to honour her memory by returning there and finding the places I had gone with her when I was just 12 years old.


My Aunt is the lovely lady at the back, 12 year old me is in the middle and my Grandmother is at the front. 


We found the very same railings nearly 20 years later and honoured her memory…


NOTE: I received some pretty upsetting news on the first day we arrived, unfortunately (This Mama just can’t seem to catch a break huh!??!!!) and so if in parts I don’t seem entirely enthusiastic please bear with… it did not take away from how beautiful it was there!

Sorrento is a beauty and it was a no brainer to stay there rather than the other places we had visited as it was so romantic; it lies at the bottom of rolling hills, cliffs mountains on which hotels sit embedded into the sides like jewels to look out one the horizon and the stunning view of Naples and Mount Vesuvius across the sea.



Our hotel did NOT fail on this side of things as had spectacular views across the valleys and had a free shuttle busses down to the centre of Sorrento as walking might have been a bit of a feat!



Walking through the winding cobbled streets and alleyways of the town is so spectacular and just has this rustic feel that makes you feel instantly at home and warm.


I got to know my way around pretty quickly, especially the best places for Gelato, pizza and cocktails… and trust me… there were MANY cocktails! At all times of day!





We made it our mission to find ‘Pizza di Franco’ which is renowned for serving THE best Pizza in town! Needless to say it was amazing… Dominos Pizza will never be the same again!



I don’t think I have ever seen my man walk so much as he did while we were away… for a guy that ‘hates walking’ we explored every nook and cranny of Sorrento all by ourselves! (Much to out ‘holiday rep’s’ shock! We are totally not fans of the whole ‘repped holiday’ thing so didn’t bother going to the free meeting and tours, just wandered ourselves and went on daily adventures! Hs face did say it all though when we explained what and where we had been solo… he was very surprised!)



The history of the town is so amazing to experience; the buildings, the artwork and the statues were spectacular.


I was SO elated when I found this one as I remembered it from when I was little and had been asking the rep on the coach if he knew here it was (he obviously did not… BUT I FOUND IT!) 



We were particularly proud to find a little hidden cove that lies under the ruins of a Roman Villa and had a little explore of that one day…


I also was pretty impressed to find my little gem underneath the famous Piazza Tasso; and abandoned Mill that has become embedded underneath the town. It genuinely made me lightheaded and dizzy looking down it was that deep!


I think my favourite parts of the week were our day trips to Capri and Pompei; again these were places I visited with my Great Aunt but Robb had never been and it was great to take him on adventures (also my memory from the age of 12 is not entirely picture perfect so was amazing to revisit!)


Capri is the home to the rich and famous and is known for its affluence and beauty; George Clooney, Mariah Carey and Leonardo di Caprio are among some of the stars that frequently holiday there in their private villas.

And oh my you can so tell; it is not only rich in the monetary sense as each street is not only encrusted with rows upon rows of designer shops but also incredibly breathtaking flowers and winding vines.


I fell in love with these vibrant purple flowers (… don’t know if you can tell…) so if anyone can enlighten me as to what they are so I can buy ALL of them for my own garden please comment and let me know! 



Also our boat ride back was probably the most fun i have had in a very long time! We opted to sit on the deck of a small boat that took us over the sea, round the coastline back to Sorrento. We were aware of the danger of splashing an initially I was slightly shocked to find myself becoming a little more than just ‘splashed on’… but it was like a rollercoaster ride! SO SO fun! I was literally drenched by the time we came off but the sun soon dried us off!


If any of you have been to Pompei you will know exactly what I mean when I say that it is like stepping into a film or magical place that is so amazing yet stomach charmingly eerie when you know what happened there.

Im not going to go go into much detail but is is the ancient city that Vesuvius buried when it erupted a very… VERY… long time ago… (Im not great with dates…) The city was found centuries later and very slowly was excavated and revealed once again.



This would have been a bakery… of which they have found 26 in Pompei, and these are the holes where they would mill the grain. 


These are the cobbled streets where even the grooves of carts pulled have been amazingly preserved. 



There were over 40 water public fountains lying the streets of Pompei and each one had a headstone of a woman that is thought to bring good health. 



I don’t know if you can tell but I was captivated by the columns!



This was the supports of a bath house… the whole thing is either supported or had a gap between the wall so as to let hot air pass through and heat the water. 


Amazingly the art and stunning mosaics have been preserved and are breathtaking to experience first hand.



This and the following picture are a little more ‘risky’ as they were taken in the ‘red light district’ of Pompei! It was a marine city and the sailors would some and find themselves a woman, legally, to spend time with on their return to shore. 


As many of the prostitutes were illiterate, language was not customary for them to indicate a sexual preference so they used a sort of ‘sex menu’ using these paintings… crazy!


There was so much that had been dug deeper and excavated since my visit nearly 20 years ago… it was incredible how much more had been found and discovered.


Seeing these agin was haunting… there was even the plaster cast of the remains of a child but I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo… 


So… despite the troubled start of our honeymoon it was, as you can see and I’m sure you will agree, spectacular. I was in heaven in terms of food and drink and sights… the sights were just breathtaking; and as you can see me and the husband made the best of an initially shady week… you have to agree we were in the best place to deal with bad news really!


So after eating my weight in pizza and pasta i now need Utterly Feral’s tips from last week… ‘Bloggy Bride: Turning Flab to Fab!’

Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris. 


















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