Farewell England: Ciao Italy!


So as some of you may have seen in my post ‘Bloggy Bride Gets Married!’… I got married recently! Really?!?!? Surely not?!? So in true post Wedding style me and the husband are jetting off to our favourite place (well… we like all things Italian… I have been to Italy but the Mr hasn’t!) on Friday to leave the English nonsense behind for a week and bask in newlywed bliss. 


It will actually mark the very first time me and my husband have EVER been abroad together and the longest we will have been away from our little man since he was born, we’ve done the occasional weekend away for our sanity but not an entire week!

Im super excited to have some serious ‘adult’ time but also, naturally, feel like I’m going to miss his ever so much and be a slight (… understatement much?!) worrier!

I am using my Wednesday *Musing* slot to announce this as it also means that I will not be posting at all until our return on Monday 3rd.

I know, I know, its upsetting…

Try and hold back the tears guys…

Good news though, if you are interested in seeing our amazing honeymoon haze and getting a daily dose of slight jealousy as the clouds and rain return while we are basking in glorious Sorrento sunshine… head over to my Instagram where I will still be posting all about our adventure in my feed and Stories!

So bye for now lovelies! See you on the flip side!


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