Cherish: In these turbulent times, cherish the little moments and people around you


After the atrocious events that have unfolded in recent weeks that have added greatly to my emotional strain, I have been thinking about all of the amazing and incredible things in my life I am utterly grateful for. We have been faced with some seriously distressing times recently, over the election, the terror attack in Manchester and the horrifying images we saw this morning from those should at Grenfell Tower in London, and it has made me so determined to cherish my family and little man as I struggle to deal with what the future holds.


It seems you cannot hep but be disturbed every time you turn not he news in the morning these days, there is always something and then one thing after another; it never ends!

Being an emotional person naturally it has been a pretty testing time for my mental state as and recent weeks have seen more tears over the news than I have shed in my entire life! I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions from being utterly horrified for the poor should involved in the terror attack in Manchester (which really hit home as I was in the city at the BlogOn Conference only two days before) and this mornings fire in Grenfell Tower, to being so touched by the sheer humanity that this country can show in times like this.

In the face of pure evil Britan has really shown its solidarity and for that I am proud and incredibly touched. It makes me so cherish my family and friends and especially my little man at times like this.

But then why Britain, do we elect the next, and possibly worse Iron Lady to dictate our country into an age of darkness?

*Side note… I am once again tearing up writing this…* 

When I went in to that Polling Station last Thursday, I was full of hope and fear. Fear for the future of my child and hope that this country can prove for one that it is not ruled by the rich and selfish interests of the self absorbed or complete media lapdogs that believe everything they read in the newspapers!

Little man was not so keen at being stuck in the Polling Station so started to mope a little so, in front of the queue of waiting voters, I said very gently…

Buddy… Mummy is in here to make a difference to the world. I am voting to make difference to future generations like yours. I am doing this for you.

And immediately after I came out and returned home I started to cry. I looked down at my little man and said…

Now, we pray.

Of course own the town I live in I knew it was a long shot that Labour would ever win but I had to hope.

And I am still living in hope. Hope that the population will now, finally realise, after a potentially hideous and chaotic coalition of government, that they have made a huge mistake.

I cherish the moments that I have with my little dude and I hope, theres that word again, that his future can be bright.

My amazing little family is everything to me and on days like today, when death and fire strike our land, I truly cherish what I have. I hold them that little bit closer.


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2 thoughts on “Cherish: In these turbulent times, cherish the little moments and people around you

  1. Such a touching post! I’ve been feeling similarly here in the US. So much tragedy in the world, and so much division. And we haven’t done any better electing leaders. (In fact, I’d argue we’ve done much, much worse.) I’ve added so many people to my prayer list, it’s hard to keep track, but I’m still holding out hope that our world can turn things around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. #brilliantblogposts

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