Bloggy Bride: Avoiding the Post-Wedding Financial Strain


The main thought that is accompanied by the term ‘Wedding’ is undoubtedly financial; strain; avoiding the financial strain would be just magical right? I mean don’t get me wrong Weddings are such amazing days of family, love and togetherness that the financial implications are normally thought of as totally worth it by far… but if we could avoid the strain on our purse strings I’m pretty sure we would feel a lot comfortable in our newlywed haze! I was lucky enough to myself steer clear of this and I am here to tell you how you can too…

Bloggy Brides Avoid Financial Wedding Strain Troubles

Be frugal

So it may seem like a no brainer but you have no idea how many people I have spoken to that just don’t realise they are paying way too much for something that they could either make themselves or get much cheaper elsewhere with a little deeper digging and research!

Do your research people! Don’t jump in when you see something that seems perfect; shop around as undoubtedly you will be able to finder at a better and more affordable price!

If you can, craft! Craft with all of your might! If you are stuck for inspiration just have a gander on Pinterest as it provides a magical host of Wedding wonder at your fingertips!




For some ideas to get you started have a look at my post ‘Bloggy Bride gets Crafty’ for a sneak peek at all of my handmade Wedding wares. 

Call in favours

Again, come on guys. You have probably lost track of all of the professions and skills that your friends and family have but unless they like to keep these talents held close to their chest they are probably more that willing to help you out on your big day!

My husband is in the music industry so we were super lucky on the music front and called in a favour from our friends and local function band Ubermeister.

My sister is also a budding baker and so I took the plunge and asked her to make our wedding cake… it was spectacular!


The budding baker in question at my hen do

So have a think and see if there are any favours you can call in from friends or family, they will probably be delighted to be involved in your special day!

Don’t leave it all to the last minute

This was actually a suggestion from my husband and i have to say I totally agree! It may feel like you have all the time in the world when you first get engaged but believe me the time creeps up on you!

Set aside money every month to get something for the Wedding; if you leave it all to the last minute this is when you will find your bank balance looking pretty abysmal or even in the red.

No Loans if possible

I realise that everybody situation is very different and we were lucky enough to not need to take out a loan. I highly recommend trying as hard as you can to save for your wedding… it is honestly possible with all of the tips I have given you in this post!

This does not include. obviously, more y gifted from your immediate family that will want to help you on your journey to your dream Wedding Day.

I am a creature of pride and I felt SO much more at strong and proud of myself on our perfect day knowing that I worked really hard to save the money we needed myself!

Also, and more importantly, taking out a loan to cover costs will leave you paying out money every month from your wages for the foreseeable future and extending a long way into your marriage!

Wedding Gifts

If there are certain things that you feel might deplete your bank balance after the Wedding, such as a Honeymoon, being your first home or trying for a baby, then don’t feel guilty popping this on your wedding Invitations so that guests know what to gift you!

Having buffer from Wedding Gifts after your Wedding Day will make the future much less daunting!

Sell Sell Sell

This is probably my most useful tip and why I have saved it until last! Hands up who is looking at needing to rent our a Self-Storage facility for all of the Wedding crap that you will have after your Big Day? If your venue is being decorated by yourself (I would hope  if you’ve followed my advice so far… a HUGE money saver FYI!) then you will be bombarded with decorations, place settings, centrepieces etc.

Beccy & Rob-24

Beccy & Rob-17

Sell it all!

There are some great and easy peasy places online to sell your Wedding stuff; depending on the style of your Wedding there is the Rock’n’Roll Bride page where I actually sold All of mine and where I got a HUGE response to my paper flowers that I had made for my own Wedding that I have actually now started up my own business, ‘Preston Paper Wedding Flowers’ of handmade paper flowers in music sheets, book pages, comics etc made into roses, bouquets and buttonholes.

There are soon many general ‘Wedding things for sale’ pages on Facebook too!

Car boot sales are too a great place to offload your Wedding loot and gain money in return, although be aware Car boot sales usually end up in people wanting something for nothing and like very low prices. There are actually ‘Wedding boot fares’ that are especially for all things Wedding.

So there you have it… its easy right?

If you don’t already, pop over to Twitter and Instagram and give #bloggybrides a look up for weekly posts just like this one about all things Wedding! Check out last weeks post id you missed it over at Utterly Feral, ‘Bloggy Bride: How to be the Perfect Guest’.

Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris.


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