10 Things That Make Me Happy


The lovely fellow Becky over at Mommy and Rory has tagged me in her 10 Things That Make Me Happy; have a gander at her list too as its pretty good! (If you like Ryan Gosling then its well worth a peek for pure indulgence purposes!) I do love tags as its a great opportunity to spread the blogging love and sometimes a nice little raw peek into the person behind the blog! This tag in particular I am really happy to be part of as I think its essential to reflect on what makes us happy to boost our positivity and spirits!

Anyway… here are my 10 things that make me happy (there are many more but these are the bees knees of my happy list, the creme de la creme…)

  1. My Family

7 Essentials For Planning A Wedding With A Toddler

Ok so starting off with the most obvious… my own lil fam! Me and my husband only recently got married (If you haven’t already check out our day in ‘Bloggy Bride gets Married’!) and I’m all about the newlywed haze of me and my two men! My little dude and big dude make me so happy and I cannot wait to make our family even bigger after our honeymoon! Eeeeeek! Waking up and having family lie ins and family adventures at the weekends is what its ALL about!

2. Films

There are obviously a few in particular that are my ‘go to’ in times of a boost (I’ll be talking about them in more detail in my next post so keep an eye out for that one!) but a good film, whichever are your favourites, can really be a great mood lifter so kick back and get lost!

3. Mac’n’Cheese

Amongst A LOT of other foods actually! To be honest it depends what mood I’m in as to what I fancy at the time but when I am really down I never fail to make a huge dish of Mac’n’Cheese to dig into and wash away my woes!

4. Jack Daniels Honey


If you have had a hard day at work, or at home, or out and about for that matter; wherever your day has taken you, if it ends in stress then there is nothing better than a cold glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage and Jack Daniels Honey is mine. Since I discovered it I was hooked (… not in an alcoholic sense obviously… but if it was acceptable to drink it all day long I probably would!)

Its so so yummy!

5. Tom Cruise

Yes… I know… ‘he’s so short’! But ever since watching ‘Rock of Ages’ I developed a guilty pleasure! I absolutely adore Tom Cruise and made it my mission after New Year to watch every single one of his movies… Im getting there!

6. Working for myself (This ones a long one… apologies!)

I graduated university (I studied Fashion, Textiles and Fibre) … soooooo long ago… and ever since, alongside working a day job (we all need to ear enough to live!) I have been experimenting with different ways to work from home doing what I enjoy so that one day I may be able to give up the day job! I started a few sewing and craft businesses, one called ‘Suilouise’ which was my hand drawn graphic designs printed onto cushions, tops, bags, magnets, necklaces etc… this one was looking pretty good but where I live was not the greatest place to get your name out there as a unique designer.

I have also ALWAYS adored writing, I wanted to go into Fashion Journalism actually but never had the money or resources to fund an MA. So after I had my little man and started being a part of the Mama community I realised what I wanted to write about and started Rock and Roses Mama! You can read more about the birth of my blog in ‘So it begins…’ 

As I mentioned earlier I also got married recently and crafted all of my decorations myself to save money (You can see all of my Wedding crafted goods in my post ‘Bloggy Bride gets Crafty: A Handmade Wedding’) and after the Wedding I was flooded with requests from other Brides to make their flowers for their Weddings, which was amazingly exciting… and so began another venture, ‘Preston Paper Wedding Flowers’.



Being able to begin to make money from my passions will hopefully be my main source of income in time, meaning hopefully I can one day quite the day job entirely!

This… makes me entirely happy!

 7. My Friends


So I don’t know where I would be without my friends… in one unhappy lil bunny funk is where! I am a social butterfly, always have been, and love being able to meet up with friends and talk things out! I also LOVE a big get together and, as I will talk about later, around any holiday or birthday me and my husband always host big BBQ’s or nights out with all of our friends!

8. Music

No brainer right? Whatever your musical vibe, music can always lift your spirits! I would be lost without it!

9. Retail Therapy

Nothing calms your soul and pops a sassy smile on your face than a bit of retail therapy. I love fashion and clothes, shoes and accessories have made me happy throughout my life!

If I am ever feeling in a slump and i have money to burn, I grab whichever friend is free and hit the shops! Even if I only end up buying one thing and having a nice coffee date its something that fades the misery I may have been felling beforehand!

10. Holidays

When I say holidays Im not talking far off sunny destinations… Im talking public holidays and religious holidays; Im talking full on American style celebratory holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas. I go all out on those f***ers!




Birthdays too… Im ALL about the Birthdays!

When Christmas is over I start thinking about Easter, when Easter is over I start thinking about my Birthday… and it goes on and on throughout the year!

So… there you have it… my 10 things that make me happy! There are many, many more but these are the top dogs! I am now going to nominate the below brilliant bloggers to share their happy bunny moments in life:

Claire from That Mumma Rocks

Sophie from SophObsessed

Nyomi from Nomipalony 

Alisha from UKYankee

Emma from EmmaOlogy

Rainy from Readaraptor

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