Rockin’ Mama Interviews: Patricia Gachagan, author of ‘Born Together’

Rockin' Mama Interview

When I was sent a press release for the memoir of Patricia Gachagan, ‘Born Together’, I was compelled to invite her to be interviewed in this series of Rockin’ Mamas as her story could be uplifting and empowering for Mothers everywhere. Patricia has shared her incredible journey through Motherhood with Multiple Sclerosis and has been amazing enough to talk a little to us about her struggle and fight and about her story ‘Born Together’.

Patrica 2

  1. Tell us a little about you and your family.

We are a small family of 3. Myself, my husband Allan and our wonderful son Elliot, who is now eleven years old. My mum and my sister support us in every way they can as we manage our busy, but very fulfilling family life together. I am a writer and my husband is a self-employed Training Consultant.

  1. What does Motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is unquestionably the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel blessed that I became a mum and have shared all the precious times with my son, Elliot. For me, it is the most comfortable journey I have ever been on and my son Elliot is my wonderful friend too.


  1. What struggles have you faced as Mama and how have you overcome that?

My biggest struggle and challenge was the fact that as I was starting to live and learn as a new Mama in this world, my immune system attacked itself in error, triggering Multiple Sclerosis. That led to my ability declining rapidly as I tried to care for my new-born baby. Quite a challenge I have to tell you! It wasn’t until my diagnosis, when Elliot was nine months old, that we managed to start addressing my health, ability and how to look after Elliot independently. It has been a long road, filled with many happy family times as well as those challenging and uncomfortable lows.

  1. Do you find time to relax and remember YOU?

That is difficult I have to say! But it is for most mums. In the early years there was little free time, but that comes with the Mama territory! As Elliot started school my husband had to give up his full-time job and become self-employed so he could do some of the school runs and support the more physical aspects of parenting. Since that time, I have had less and less time for me as I try to support him to work and raise his income, as we had both lost our well-paid and full-time jobs through my journey with Multiple Sclerosis and all that happened. But I did start writing a few years back during the school day and have never looked back as I find my way in the world now as a writer and author as well as mum! Although I am working during those times, it is still me time and something I thoroughly enjoy.

  1. Tell us about your incredibly compelling memoir ‘Born Together’.

Born Together shares my journey and how I became very unwell after giving birth to my precious son, Elliot. It tells the story of how we learned to live and grow as a family with great adversity. It is a very positive and uplifting story of this nature as it looks at life from the perspective that it is not what happens to you that defines your life, but how you get up and deal with it. It is published on 28th May and is available at


  1. What first inspired you to write ‘Born Together’?

I have always enjoyed writing and kept journals throughout my life. I began writing when Elliot started school. That was initially to express my deep emotions about what had happened since Elliot had been born. It literally grew arms and legs and before I knew it I had 10,000 words, then 20, then 30 until I thought to myself that I had the makings of a book in my hands! I think the other big point to remember is that I had the opportunity to write, which I never had before. I also had huge motivation and a big message to share.

  1. Do you have any tips on balancing Mamahood, your career and YOU?

I suppose my tip would be to focus on your positives, on what you can do and what you do have in life. Appreciate and cherish those and don’t keep waiting and looking for something else. Live in the moment so that you have real quality of life with your children and so that you get a fair work/life balance.

  1. Do you have a favourite inspirational quote or phrase to share with our readers? 

“Do ordinary things to live an extraordinary life.”

You can find a copy of the memoir and find out more about Patricia and her extraordinary journey using the following links:




I hope you have enjoyed reading all about this rockin’ Mama and found inspiration to rock up your own Mama lifestyle. If you wish to take part in this series please pop me an email to

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