THE BEST ways to help deal with your kids on a hangover

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Having kids means that the prospect of having a hangover and dealing with said kids whilst hungover makes you dread the actual night of drinking right?! But we NEED nights out with our friends, with our partner or with ‘the girls‘… it is necessary to let loose every now and again and have fun; if only for your sanity! We have all been there the next day though…  and I’m certain children somehow know. Its like they purposefully go out of their way to make our decrepit, hungover selves feel 100% worse right?! Like a sixth sense. With my Birthday weekend approaching, and the prospect of a sever hangover by me and many of my friends, I wanted to share my wisdom on this subject to hopefully ease such days of hungover mess with children. 

Dealing With Hangovers With Kids

So we have a  busy ass bee life as parents don’t we?! Its only natural that we need a night every so often to shake off our tensions and stresses and have a night of ‘aduldting’ right?!

I have some epic tips for rocking your Moms night out if you are struggling with juggling getting ready with popping kids to bed etc… 


Its just the thought of that dreaded hangover and having to parent the next day that put a downer on things… SO… cue THE BEST ways to help deal with your kids on a hangover.


Ok so no brainer right? Wrong. Most people think that water is the way forward but I am more of the opinion that fruit juices are much more effective in replacing the vitamin C lost when filling your body with toxins the night before; as that is all a hangover is… your body shutting down and attempting to recover from the toxins you have fed it!

I personally find a lot of orange juice a little sickly so mix it up with apple or a multivitamin juice drink.

Tag Team

If you have been out the night before with your partner or have had one of those elusive ‘Date Nights’ then why not let them sleep in a little and then they can take over while you retreat back to bed later!?

Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

Movie Day

So a day of hungover insanity is the perfect time to pop on the jammies, turn the lights down, kick bak and let movie day commence.

I think to make this fun for kids you could let them pick their favourite movies (the more the better!) and get in all of the movie type snacks; hot dogs, nachos, sweeties and ice cream!

Salty goods

I am not an expert on the logistics of it, I’m sure some of you may know the science behind this, but salty foods seem to do wonders in the face of hungover adversity.

If you or your partner is feeling up to it a fry up or roast dinner will seriously be THE BEST thing to consume! If you are however not feeling the cooking vibe then grab some crisps… all the crisps.

Lying down games

If your children are a bit older and can be effectively coerced into playing a role play game where all you have to do is lie down then you are good to go!

A few examples could be Doctors (you can play the patient in the hospital bed…), hairdressers or makeovers (including a cold flannel or wet wipes in this scenario will be great for your flushed alcohol flared face)


So a great cure for a hangover OF COURSE is to maybe consider making it not occur in the first place… or to ease its coming as much as you can; whilst still having a great night of course!


Mixing drinks is clearly a no go… so try and spend your right of debauchery on one or two drinks at most to ease the amount of toxic your body has to deal with the next day.

Having something to eat before you embark on your drinking journey will help line your stomach too… or milk. I also recommend eating something before you go to bed too…

So parents… enjoy! Go wild!


Have you found these tips useful? Would someone you know find these tips useful by sharing? Do you have any way you find help ease the hangover with kids? 


9 thoughts on “THE BEST ways to help deal with your kids on a hangover

  1. All very excellent tips! Ive used a few of these techniques haha, specifically the lying down game, which usually entails Bear jumping on me but Hey at least I’m laying down. Tag teaming is also KEY. I think if I drink only white wine with a couple waters in between (and don’t smoke) and take ibprofen first thing in the morning I’m okaaayyyy kind of. Strangely I found diaralyte (sp?) helps as this rebalances the salts in your stomach. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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  2. I like the idea of playing the patient! A spa theme also works well especially if you have girls. Turn off all of the lights and go! But, if I’m being honest, the best thing I have found to work is locking myself in a room with a bucket of fried chicken and macaroni and cheese!!!


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