The Wild Child: Ditching The Pram


So its been crossing my mind recently that I really should think about getting rid of my pram (the fact that it broke also pushed things along a little!) and I’m not going to lie the thought of going to without it is super scary… but Im trying step by step to ease my (and the little dudes) way into freeing him form the restraints of his pram and setting him free into the world. I find there are pros and cons to this… 


I feel like in some ways freeing my little man from his pram is a major catch twenty-two; on one hand I love to see him roam free and let out his inner wild child as he adores the great outdoors and being at one with nature.

See our adventures in the great outdoors at Festivals, Country Parks and The National Trust.  

It is only natural from kids to want to be kids and run, jump, explore and play. I know my small dude get so excited when he sees a big open space in a farm, the forest, beach or Country Park… and most of the time I let him run free and get all wild child on me; but then sometimes this can be totally detrimental as he sometimes doesn’t understand the restraints and if the space is not enclosed there is the possibility he could run away and I spend a lot of time chasing or shouting for him to come back (which just makes me stressed and exhausted!)


However on the flip side, sometimes he is amazing!

I have actually forgotten the pram a few times recently and been faced with no option but prying that he honest run off or decide to have a meltdown in the middle of a shop which will undoubtedly result in angry and judgemental looks from passers by, not realising my inner turmoil and strength in trying to actually do the right thing and not stick my child in a pram forever more without learning the boundaries of certain environments.

I went on a trip to Hobbycraft recently and realised as I was parking up that I had not got the pram in the car and decided to do it on foot; mentally preparing myself for the atrocity that could potentially ensue…

It was a breeze!

I could not believe how incredibly well behaved he was… following me the whole way round, holding my had, waiting for me as I chose the correct shade of ribbon (he did admittedly slowly edge away from me but was looking at me the whole time and when I pointed out I couldn’t see him anymore he came straight back without complaint!) AND waited in the queue AND while I payed!

The check out lady even commented on how amazingly patient he was!

I was so proud!

So there can be light at the end of the tunnel but I think maybe it’s a slow process? Today he went back ‘running into a vast empty field away from me’ mode…

No one said it was going to be easy right?!

What are your thoughts on this? What do you find helps in ditching the pram?

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