My Amazing Weekend at BlogOnMSI


As many of you know if you follow me on here, Twitter or Instagram I was one of the lucky ones to grab a last minute ticket to BlogOnMSI in Manchester; BlogOn is run my incredibly dedicated Laura Seaton from Tired Mummy of Two, and her clan of amazing helpers, and it is a conference that gives bloggers the opportunity to network and learn from not only fellow bloggers but brands too. I had SUCH a great time and am so impressed! Im hooked! 


I was naturally very nervous as was my first attendance at a blogging event as I have not actually been blogging very long, its all been a bit of a whirlwind actually! But I was so excited when nearing the date, the community of BlogOn spirit rallied together and started getting the hype up (you can see my answers to the BlogOnMSI community linky that we all posted here!)

Another way they ease us in is to have a launch party the night before which was hosted by Paladone and was pretty epic I must say (Free booze, food and beer pong… what more can you ask for?!)

At first, I’m not going to lie it was like walking in to a local pub where you literally only know the one person you have walked in with and everybody else seems to have already formed cliques.

I desperately tried to recognise people from the world wide web but my counterpart for the weekend, Nyomi from Nomipalony, was much more clued up as to who people were and slowly, with the help of free booze (amazing…) the chatter ensued and I made a few new friendly faces!

I spent a lot of time talking with Sophie from SophObsessed and Robyn from Cold Cuppa Club who I had never met before but got on really well with!


Pictured with Lauren from Dilan and Me and Nyomi from Nomipalony; fellow Punky Moms too!

At times it was weirdly like facing some of your favourite celebrities when the hot shots of the blogging world started speaking to me; Lauren from Dilan and Me was a babe and Nige from DIY Nige was completely down to earth and I had a great chat with him!

Was a very surreal but incredible situation to be immersed in and it really did help with the nerves of not knowing anyone at the conference the next day!


I am honoured to be able to say that along with two of the BlogOn speakers; Harriet from Toby & Roo and Luke from Blended Parent, Hannah from Hannah Spannah and of course Nyomi I was one of the last bloggers standing that night! Get in!

The morning, despite bringing the joy of discovering I may have drunk slightly more than I had intended also brought an amazing breakfast by the hotel we were staying in, which was the venue for the launch party; I completely haven’t even mentioned it yet but he hotel… amazing! So so nice to have a lucius hotel room all to myself!

I drove to the conference venue, The Museum of Science and Industry, with Nyomi and the fun began; we were escorted upstairs where we dropped off our empty suitcases (we had been told to bring them in order to accommodate all of the goody bags that would be given to us at the end!… psyched!)

There were brands all around the venue who I networked with during the breaks in between sessions, a lot were toys based brands which didn’t really suit my blog really but I did find some gems and I gave out a few business cards; hopefully will make some good business relationships in the future.

It was great to spot people tat I recognised from the night before to save me wandering around alone like a lost puppy! I bumped into Raimy from Readaraptor too which was great as we are part of an Instagram pod together and was so surreal yet amazing to meet her in person!

So the sessions were spectacular too, I was a tad hesitant at first as to which ones to choose but I was really happy that I chose the ones I did. They kicked off with a ‘working with brands’ talk which was headed but the organiser Laura, well she was just hilarious and made it super casual and informative I was so impressed!


I was so engrossed I didn’t take many photos! This is from the Facebook session I attended last; I don’t have a Facebook page yet but now I know exactly what to do when its up and running!

I also really enjoyed the session with Harriet from Toby & Roo, ‘Instagram to Instabank’; I have been really struggling to find my style on Instagram lately and I think i have finally cracked it, Harriet had some super useful tips and I am determined now to stick at it and keep pushing through the notorious follow/unfollows.

And then there were the goody bags… my lord.


I particularly loved the actual bags themselves…

I knew there was a lot packed in for us to take home from the epic brands that Laura had been working with on the even but wow. If you head over to my Instagram feed I am posting lots of squares all about the goodies we received and the great brands that provided them.


These were at every table at the beginning so we act had a notepad to use at the conference! I did bring my own so these bad boys can be used another time!


I am in love with the snazzy decals from Paladone; totally made my Mac into a full on game of Pacman too!

If only I hadn’t left my notebook at one of the tables and only realised as I got home after a four hour drive! (thank you again Laura for finding it and sending it back to me! Cant wait to read all of my notes!)


Im not normally a fan of healthy beverages but this was delicious! Zeo fruit water… genuinely felt like I was drinking a cocktail…

I am hooked on this even, I can’t wait till the next one in September if I can grab a ticket in time! Ill be going back again and again it was SUCH a great weekend. I can’t recommend it enough!

Did you go to BlogOnMSI? Did you think it was as amazing as I did? Are you going to the next one in September? Are there any other blogging events that you would recommend?

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15 thoughts on “My Amazing Weekend at BlogOnMSI

  1. Sounds a great time, you packed in loads:) loving the goodie bags. I thought about going up in September but I’m going to britmums and I thought it would be pushing it a bit with the kids to be away twice so close together.
    Mainy – myrealfairy

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  2. I had a blast! I was very honoured to make it to last blogger standing with you awesome people. I too intended to have “a few” and go to bed early #fail.

    Thank you for making Blog On more fun for me lovely lady! Hopefully see you in Sept x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The National are playing the Saturday night in Manchester too so I’d love to go to that. Its sold out but I’m still trying to get a reasonably priced ticket

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I definitely will! Im thinking of maybe possibly refunding my ticket though as accidentally double booked myself with a festival with my husband the day before and won’t be able to drive up in time i don’t think :/ unless I either drive late at night or VERY early in the morning! How do you return them?


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