Why are you still calling Women, Girls?


I think this has to be my personal gripe at the moment; men calling Women, Girls. To that mater even women calling Women, Girls. I think it is in some case innocently done and probably no harm is intended to the receiver of such an insult to their femininity but if we can spread the message that it is in fact quite wrong and pretty abysmal behaviour in the 21st Century to still be calling grown Women, Girls the maybe it will come to an end. Note: I am aware that that I may receive a fair amount of backlash from this weeks Musing as I know a lot of people think this is a pointless issue… but bear with me on this one… 


I have always been against the sexist name calling of men towards women; the wolf whistling, the shouted sexual abuse, the petty remarks made against common sexist aspects of female life such as ‘oh… female drivers’ and ‘must be that time of the month’ and such… but to openly address a woman as a girl is pretty low.

I was drawn to this in a recent video uploaded by  Mayim Bialik on YouTube that highlights her reasons why we should really stop calling women, girls and I completely agreed with her viewpoint as it is something that is totally overlooked by society, but why?

A lot of men would say that picking up on such a seemingly small and common part of language is petty and while they may be innocently using a common term for naming women, they do not realise the damage they are doing and the insult they are inflicting.

On the other hand I am also aware there are a lot of women that blindly let men call them girls without realising the error.

When a man calls a woman a girl they are instantly demeaning them to the level of a child.

Men have always in the past been the big bad wolves of society and the leaders of the pack, but women and men are essentially… the same. By labelling a grown woman ‘girl’ a man is making himself the adult in the mix and enforcing the view that women are beneath them in society.

We live in the 21st Century people… not the 1950’s.

If you are confused about any of this and find it confusing to distinguish between a woman and a girl… here are a few handy bullet points to remember when faced with this clearly widespread dilemma.

  • Does she live on her own or with her partner or spouse?
  • Does she menstruate?
  • Does she drive her own car?
  • Does she hold down a job?
  • Is she a Mother?
  • Has she left School?
  • Is she over the age of 12?

If the answer to any of the above os yes… WOMAN.

Young woman I would say is acceptable for the latter points but still… Woman!

I myself have been called a girl whilst at work by an older gentleman and I did actually challenge him on this and politely corrected his mistake and pointed out that I was in fact a Woman. He actually disagreed and stated that as I was younger than HIM that I was a girl… you see my point here.

I know there are plenty of women that call their group of friends ‘girls’ but I would say that is acceptable as you are familiar with these people… you are their close friends… it is said in jest and familiarity.

For a stranger to address a grown woman that is the manager of the shop that they are standing in as ‘Girl’… totally not acceptable, a huge insult and a clear problem with the man in question in accepting that women can be strong and have a place above men in society!

Just think… would you call a 30 or so year old man a Boy? NO.

Would you call a man that drives a car, works, lives in his own place etc etc a Boy? No.

So why do feel the need to label women in this manner? Because society still has underlying issues with Women being below men and not accepting the standing of women in society.

We are not taken as seriously that is for sure.

Make the change people.

Have you ever been called a Girl and not agreed with it? Do you think that this is still a massive issue in society? 

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