My Love Affair with Exercise


Firstly… I apologise for the lack of a weekly *Musing* last week… I just had no mojo for writing and didn’t feel like I had any thoughts to ponder with you! I have definitely decided that I have embarked on a slight love affair with exercise recently and thought I would share this with you in all of its joy bringing glory! I can honestly say that I totally agree with the experts when they say it can be a huge help to your mental wellbeing; we have had some tough times to get through recently and exercise has really helped!

Exercise As A Form Of Medicine

Now It all started a few years ago when my sister wanted to get rid of her exercise bike and I agreed to take it off her hands. I thought it could potentially be the perfect form of exercise for me as I could just hop on and pedal away to my favourite movie or tunes; I was correct!

I fell in love with it!

Yeah it was hard work and I slowly pushed myself to stay on there longer and longer each time, but because I could watch a film or listen to music in the comfort of my own home and get a sweat on I was loving it!

I genuinely felt the happiness and energy rise from me, admittedly this was after the i initial ‘I am surely going to die I am so knackered’ feeling!

In the haze of Wedding arrangements I lost touch with my bike and didn’t have the time to go on it as all of my free time was taken up with Wedding Crafts and planning our special day (If you haven’t seen the glorious photos of our spectacular day yet then please check them out… I am so so proud of all of the hard work we put in to make it utterly beautiful!)

… to  the present…

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that our lil family has seen a certain upheaval recently that has shaken us to the core and affected us in ways we did definitely not see coming! My husband has suffered worse than me and has hit an all time low.

This undoubtedly has affected me too in that it affects our home and our happy family life.

We both agreed that we both needed a release and exercise has been prescribed to many a mental health patient as a remedy as it releases endorphins. (I have suggested exercise as a medicine of sorts for both stress, in ’11 Ways to Deal with Stress’ and sleep deprivation, in ‘How to Cope with Sleep Deprivation in Parenthood’.)

Well needless to say me and my husband are both hooked and where I try and do a 40 minute session twice a week, my husband does small bursts more often; we have our own ways of using the bike and we both feel so much better for it.

Not only does it mentally challenge you and release endorphins, you feel all the better for doing something positive for your body too!

I cannot recommend a bit of exercise enough if you are ever suffering with my form of mental health issue or are just having a bad day… weaving it into your weekly schedule will do a world of good for your body and mind!

Do you take regular exercise? What is your preferred method of exercise? Have you found this out self or know someone that would? Why not share with your friends to spread the word! 


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