How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation in Parenthood

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We have all been there, Hands up who HASN’T suffered at the hands of sleep deprivation? Im sure there aren’t many! Learning how to cope with sleep deprivation can be another matter entirely. It is not easy to parent muddled and in a tired haze but we all do it nearly every day none the less; but what if I told you that with a bit of motivation you could push through and make your day a little easier and less like you are one of the walking dead?

Functioning on very little and broken sleep can result in stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, which can ultimately lead to a reduced quality of living and time with our children and spouses. (I have posted separately on conquering stress levels in ’11 Ways to  Deal with Stress’)

Ive learnt a few tricks in my time, and some have been learn from others that I have taken on board, but all of them can now help you! Some may seem just like common sense but finding the motivation to do these simple things is the first, and most important, step!

How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation Moms Parents

Get out of bed and have a shower

Again… this may seem like an odd suggestion seeing as most people do this in the mornings right? Wrong… we like to think we do… but the majority of us Moms like to nab a little extra shuteye in the morning by bringing our children into beds with us or just trudging downstairs in our pyjamas spending the rest of the morning mustering the energy to go back upstairs and get showered and dressed!

How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation Moms Parents

I have to say this is me most mornings but I always feel groggy and but the time I am dressed and ready it is nearly time for lunch!

Don’t get me wrong a good ol’ pyjama day is definitely called for on occasion but it is a certainty and a refreshing start to your day if you can muster the energy from deep inside to have a shower as soon as you get out of bed!

Coffee and a good breakfast

No brainer right? But Moms tend to forget about themselves at meal times and it is entirely necessary to remember to eat a good breakfast!


And a caffeinated beverage is like your lifeline in the mornings ladies… a lovely, big, hot mug of coffee and breakfast with your feet up will set you up right for your day.


… or any product that you cool and place over your eyes really. It does wonders for those all familiar stinging, can hardly open (and if we dared close them they would sting even more) eyes!

Tbs is also great for reducing bags and puffiness; our signature look hey Mamas?!


I know this seems like the last thing you would want to do when you have had a broken (or five!) nights sleep, but honestly it will really sort you out! We’re not talking a full on gym workout here ladies…  were talking a quick five minute set of star mumps and sit ups, or whatever takes your fancy!

There are some great YouTube videos for quick home workouts to get he blood flow going and boost your energy!

Fresh air

This is also great for stress levels too if you are getting cabin fever from being all cooped up in a hazy zombie like state with your little ones. Nothing beats the invigoration of a fresh walk. Take a look at some incredible places to take the kids outdoors here.

11 Wardrobe Essentials For Moms


It can also be really helpful if you are having to drive to work tired; crack open the window and breathe in some fresh air to wake you up!

Take a nap where you can

This one is tricky as studies have shown that you have to really crack this one before you actually put it into practice; the entity known as ‘The Power Nap’ can be a tough one. I personally feel awful and groggy when rising from an impromptu nap, but then I know people that swear by them!

The ago old ‘nap the they nap’ does hold some truth!


I think the key is to time them to last no longer than between 20-30 minutes due to the type of sleep pattern you enter after this time.

Let the little things go

It is more easily said than done (believe me!) but learning how to just breathe through some of the things that are frazzling your tired brain will really help you stay focussed and refreshed.

I find writing lists helps… and more importantly being able to let go of things that you can manage to do on those lists.

Mamas are so often so hard on themselves and drain their energy more (as surprisingly there is somehow some left in the cobwebbed corners of our beings!) by thinking that everything needs to be done. Let the little things go! 

The usual suspects are housework… obviously don’t let it get on top of you but bitesized portions help. It is OK to not hoover today if its not that important… its OK to leave the washing up until your partner gets home if its not the leaning tower of Pisa… its OK to not cook a meal completely from scratch from an ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ book today if you don’t feel up to it…

Go easy on yourself Mamas!

Don’t be scared to ask for help

As above… if the things you are letting go, get on top of you and it stresses you out more… please NEVER be afraid to ask for help! I have so often been a victim of pride and not wanting people to think that I can’t cope on my own but the truth is that we ALL need a helping hand at times!

It doesn’t make us bad Mothers or terrible human beings if our lives are too much for us at times when sleep is not our friend! Your family and friends will be super understanding and you can repay the favour when they have little ones and a good nights sleep becomes a distant memory!

Are you suffering for sleep deprivation? If you are a parent the answer is most likely yes! How do you cope with sleep deprivation? Have you found this advice useful? Are there any others that would benefit from you sharing these tips? 

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13 thoughts on “How To Cope With Sleep Deprivation in Parenthood

  1. Great post. I am SO glad these days are (hopefully) behind us. I shouldn’t say that should I?
    I’d add that we always tried to give each other a night off being woken once a week. So the other parent takes on the getting up while the lucky one gets to escape to the spare room (or the sofa if you don’t have a spare room). One night of proper rest can really sort you out for the rest of the week. I think cumulative sleep deprivation is torture. I can recall six weeks into our first baby and being sat at my desk at work with my eyes closing. I wasn’t making much sense to anyone either. God knows how people operate planes etc!
    Hope your little one sleeps through soon! #brillblogposts

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sleep deprivation is a killer. There have been a few times recently when I have felt absolutely frazzled because I just haven’t had enough sleep at work. I tend to take berocca boost and I always have coffee in the mornings. Pen x #brillblogposts

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I totally agree. I know I should probably shower 1st thing in the morning but my priority is always to have a coffee as I can barely speak without it 😬 and eat of course. I’m one of those people that would never be able to leave the house without breakfast. Fresh air and exercise make me feel great too although recently the exercise has been a little neglected. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these tips and absolutely agree – the one I’m worst for is lounging around in my PJ’s for ages. But for sure exercise and fresh air make such a huge difference! Fab post found via #stayclassymama xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes I think we are all guilty of the PJ dilemma! They are just so darn comfy! But then we fall into the trap of never wanting to take them off and more of the day gets wasted! ❤


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