Bloggy Bride conquers ‘The Wedding Blues’


If you have heard of, have suffered from or like me conquered ‘The Wedding Blues’ then you will know what i’m rambling on about today… but if you haven’t let me illuminate the concept for you a little. It is said that after you are married and after the potential years of meticulously planning, and most probably stressing about, your perfect Wedding Day, it is common for Brides or Grooms to suffer a certain lull in their lives; ‘The Wedding Blues’. This is due to a feeling of anticlimax and loss of goal or something to work towards in life now that your big day is over and done with (and believe me it is over and done with so so fast!) Here is how I conquered this feeling well and truly… and how you can too. 

Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

If you haven’t feasted your eyes on our spectacular Wedding Photographs the please see my last #bloggybrides post ‘Bloggy Bride gets Married!’ as I have to say I’m pretty damn chuffed with them and am still in ‘I want to shout from the rooftops that I am married’ mode… indulge me…

Beccy & Rob-341

Beccy & Rob-329

Please also don’t forget to check out last weeks instalment from Clara over at Utter;y Feral who shared with us all her feelings towards having her special day on film… which actually ties in quite nicely as a way to extend your newlywed haze… by reliving it!

Anyway… here are the ways I have found useful for overcoming and banishing ‘The Wedding Blues’ 

Mini Moon

Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

There are a couple of big things that happen after your wedding and if, like us, you are ‘mini-mooning’ and having a few nights away to yourselves (obviously we have our little man so wanted some time to just me man and wife!) then you will fell like your wedding is being extended into those days which is great!

Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

Part of our wedding preset from my amazing Mama was two nights away in our local seaside town of Southsea which is RIGHT up mine and my husbands street!

It was so nice to just be US for a couple of days and bask in our newlywed glory without the return to reality hitting us just yet!


Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

After we returned from our mini-moon there was the all mighty task of wading through the enormous mountain of incredibly generous cards and gifts bestowed upon us; cue ALL the joyful tears of happiness! It was actually so so amazing opening all of these as it brought up feelings of such emotion that we mean so much to all of these people… I have written all about this in my musing ‘Never Underestimate How Much You Mean to Your Friends and Family’

If that isn’t going to elongate those warm fuzzy wedding feels I don’t know what is!


Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

Wether you chose to go straight away on your Honeymoon or like many nowadays, wait and see how much wedding money you receive and book something after you wed for further down the line, planning your perfect Honeymoon will certainly keep the wedding vibes alive and kicking.

We are honeymooning in June and are off to Sorrento, Italy for a week solo! We have never actually been abroad on holiday together so it will be our first and hopefully not the last… next time with the little man!


Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

This was how our incredible photographs were delivered! Amazing! 

The schoolgirl excited anticipation of your Wedding photos coming back to you is just immense! We were so so happy with ours and cannot stress enough how important it is to get a crazy good photographer to capture your special day so that it can live on forever in print!

Beccy & Rob-155

Beccy & Rob-286

Beccy & Rob-224

We also knew our photographer which really helped take the awkwardness away form the who;e ‘posing/camera shy’ thing! If you are Hampshire based please consider Joanne Blay and her assistant Ellie as they were SO amazing!

Post Wedding Admin

Bloggy Bride Conquers Wedding Blues

Everyone kept asking me if I felt calmer now that I didn’t have the stress of crafting and organising my entire Wedding Day to think about any more (I decided early on to take it upon my self to do a handmade Wedding to save funds, you can read all about it and see everything I made here)

My answer was simply… no!

Not at all! Not even in the slightest! I was up to my eyeballs in paperwork trying to tick off the endless list of places, documents, forms of ID etc where my name would now need changing! Two months on and I’m still only about half way through! That certainly keeps you busy after a wedding!

I have also decided to sell most of my Wedding bits and bobs like stationary, centrepieces etc… so online selling sites, car boot sales and Facebook pages have certainly been a suction on my time!



After advertising my own Wedding wares I have also been asked to make bespoke, custom made bequests, paper roses, buttonholes and centrepieces for other peoples Weddings too… that’ll keep me a busy ass bee!



Please feel free to contact me of you are after anything made with paper flowers; music sheets, coloured papers, dried flowers or book pages etc… the world is your oyster and I really enjoy making it! 


SO… Distraction has been key in all of this, distraction from the reality that my life is back to ‘normality’… extending the Wedding haze has definitely helped me nicely swerve past the entity that is ‘The Wedding Blues’.

Have you fallen victim to ‘The Wedding Blues’? How have you overcome this fateful entity? Do you have any other tips on avoiding it? 

Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris.





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