11 Ways to Deal with Stress

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I think that learning the ways to deal wth stress can be so so beneficial not just for Moms but for anyone suffering with a busy schedule of hectic lifestyle. If you follow me on Instagram you might be aware that our lil family unit has been going through a tough time recently and that when I thought I had my stress and pain under control I suffered a random panic attack that ended in Paramedics having to come to the house. I thought that maybe, possibly, something needed to change and it got me thinking about the best ways to deal with stress that is bubbling away under the surface; I have since been putting these techniques into practice and wanted to share them with you so that you can too overcome the beast that is commonly known as stress!

11 Ways To Deal With Stress

1. Music


Me and the small man at last years ‘Victorious Festival’ 

I realised that recently I had let this one slip… I used to adore music, still do, but I don’t tend to listen to it as much as I did. I used to periodically sift through my playlist, make it perfect for my mood and listen to it everywhere! Music makes you happy… and sad… but what is does best is let you be totally at one with your emotions; so whatever mood you are in, there is always music to get your though. Let the music heal your soul as they say!

2. Dance or Sing

This ties in with the above, because when listening to music it can be great to let it take control of your body. I love to sing, and feel you can really belt out a good song to release pent up stress and energy. Dancing is also a great form of exercise which releases the happy endorphins to make you smile (which we will come to later!)

3. Relaxing bath


Ok so no brainer… although I have to say I used to hate baths! I have touched on this before in posts all about using your’Mum Time’ wisely, but basically since becoming a mother I have learnt to adore a bath! not only does it make calm and good vibes wash over you it is great for easing those tense muscles.

4. Hugs

Ok so affection really makes you feel all warm and cosy inside when you feel like you are going to explode with tension and stress. A good ol’ hug can really give you a boost.

5. Crying

Now this could be a result of the result tip; I don’t know about you but sometimes when I am feeling stressed and a bundle of tension, someone being nice to me and giving me a hug can really bring out the raw emotion. However, this is good! Do not fear! If you are interested in why crying can really help in banishing stress pop over and read my post ‘Say Goodbye to Stress: Cry your way to Happiness’ 

6. Talking it through/Writing Lists


If your looking for a great Mums Organiser… have a look at MUMs Office Diaries

Sometimes when you have 1001 things whirring around in your head you mind can seem entirely jumbled and a huge bundle of nerves and too much to do. Logically writing these things down in list form or talking them over with someone can really help to help you make sense of the many things causing you stress so that you can deal with them effectively one at a time. Bite sized chunks will really help provide a path through the haze of stressful thoughts.

7. Kalms Tablets

These bad boys got me through some stressful times at University and I have recently started using them again. They are totally herbal and as well as being for stress they can also help you sleep well at night too if your thoughts are keeping you up at night. You can grab them from any Pharmacy or Health food store like Holland & Barrett.

8. Fresh air



Sometimes being cooped up inside gives us cabin fever and we feel suffocated in our thoughts. Grabbing some fresh air and going for an adventure in the woods or beach, anywhere where you can really be at one with nature, can really help so the stress levels. Look into ‘Mindfulness’ too on that note, can really help if you are suffering with Anxiety associated wth stress.

If you are looking for somewhere fabulous to go at the weekend, or whenever you fancy! Have a look at my collection of reviews on our favourite places to visit with the little man in the belly of nature (They are all free or very little cost too!)

9. Chocolate

Ok so it just tastes good right? I don’t mean the sugary stuff here, Im talking raw cocoa in dark chocolate. If you are a lover of dark chocolate then eat away as it has actually been proven that it has an array of de-stressing health benefits too! It acts as an antioxidant, can lower blood pressure and increase brain function. Magic.

10. Exercise

Not only will this make you feel better in yourself (I recently started using my exercise bike again after struggling with my weight) it releases endorphins which are a massive help when it comes to mental illness and tension of the mind. Let off some steam by doing a little workout at home before you jump in the shower a few times a week… or if you are a gym lover then doing that will definitely do the world of good for stress.

11. Tea (or wine¿!)

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

Ok so this is not actually scientifically proven I don’t think! But I always find that a warm soothing cup of tea (Im so English right?) can solve any problem, especially the paired with cake… or see dark chocolate as mentioned above!

It is also no secret that we busy Mamas LOVE a glass of wine to take the edge off of the occasional (ok.. so every) day of stress! Im not saying drink the whole bottle here! A nice glass of wine in the bath sounds like a perfect ‘Mom Time’ de-stress right? Maybe after you’ve done a workout?

The options are endless!

Have you found this advice useful? What do you do to de-stress? 


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