Places for Moms to meet, The Wendy House: A review


So where are these elusive places for Moms to meet I hear you ask? It is a commonly known fact that when craving an adult interaction it is quite another matter finding the right place to indulge said cravings. There are plenty of places that label themselves as ‘child friendly’ or made for kids specifically, but are they made for adults to enjoy some solace and steal a few moments of conversation about anything other than animated shows or when the next meal is! I have explored an array of places with some of my Momigos and none have matched up to The Wendy House.


Don’t get me wrong I love a drop by to a local coffee shop for a quick bite to eat, well needed caffeinated beverage and a catch up. But that is all that can be achieved in this setting of interrupted sentences and quick sprints to the door to catch a runaway child in their boredom!

And don’t even get me started on the nightmare that is ‘soft play’!

Now The Wendy House is somewhat different… and since its opening it has been an incredible haven for Mothers (I have even seen the occasional business meeting held there for working Moms!)



It is separated into two halves; flagging the left is a lovely coffee shop/cafe space and to the right are three spaces for all ages of children to let loose and play to their hearts desire!





It has even got shop front spaces with gorgeous clothing and toys for your little ones!

The incredible array of natural wooden toys in the lush space is truly inspirational and so relieving to know that while you have that uninterrupted adult conversation that your mind has been clawing for, for days (even weeks!) your little ones are safe and in the hands of beautiful playthings; from stacking rings, pirate ships, train tracks and castles to a wooden kitchen and ride along vehicles.






My favourite touch is the actual Wendy House that they have inside!



As for satisfying your grumbling belly they offer some delicious snacks and meals alike for a lunchtime chow down; they even have perfect little plates of little people food!




We all know that Mama company is the best company for those days when you just need to talk; for sanities sake, to a fellow understanding human being. Mommas are the ones that will truly understand, support and empower you to get through the daily grind, so finding a space where you can connect whilst entertaining your little person too!





If you are ever in the nearby realms of Gosport, Hampshire take a swing by The Wendy House, honestly you will not be disappointed!


Are there any places like this where you live? Do you manage to grab some time to connect with fellow Mamas? 

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