Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

Why relaxing is so important for Mothers: PLUS Mama Merch GIVEAWAY!

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I am an avid believer that taking Mum time out is essential to Motherhood and with the help of the amazingly talented Siobhan from One Mama One Shed I am letting you all know why relaxation is so important for Mothers. I have delved into this topic before in my post ‘Maxin’ Relaxin’: Why ‘chilling’ is the secret to Mamahood’ and I have now been given the opportunity to stress the matter even more with a fantastic GIVEAWAY for two lucky Rock and Roses Mama readers (with an obligatory muffin and mug of tea of course!) 

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

I don’t know about you but I am rather partial, in true English form, to a cheeky cup of tea and a sweet treat in the afternoon; it is a time that I cherish and one that I savour as it is a moment in my day where I can just sit, you know?

Us Mommas are busy ass bees and taking time out to relax and unwind is integral to our everyday lives; it gives our minds and bodies a chance to have a break form the daily grind, to care for ourselves and take a breath from reality for just a moment.

A great way to unwind is by having a bath; not only will this moment of pleasure sooth your mind  but if you us the right bath oil or bubble bath it will sooth your body too!

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

There are lots of ways that we can relax, child free or not; as mentioned above every day I make a mug (a large mug at that…) of tea, pick a sweet treat and just sit and enjoy. Most days the little man is in the living room with me but that is ok… he will usually be playing by himself or watching a film, the key point is that I am just sitting… doing nothing but sitting, taking deep breaths and enjoying a moment of solace.

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

I know there are a lot of Mommas out there that would agree with me that occasionally they would mind swapping their caffeinated beverage for something a little stronger… One Mama One Shed certainly agrees and promotes Mamas taking time out for themselves with quirky and, quite honestly, exquisite vintage cutlery hand stamped with little phrases to remind you to take a time out!

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

I am literally in love with these (I have to admit I did have a slight cutlery obsession at university!) They are so intricately created and are so one of a kind… perfect gifts too!

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

When I see mine in the cutlery drawer (Im working on a display for it!) I am reminded that we Mamas are special entities and yes I do want to drink tea and be happy! \

Why Relaxing Is Important To Mothers Giveaway

Siobhan who runs One Mama One Shed has also given me the opportunity to give two of these amazing pieces away to you lucius Mamas!

Click here and head over to Rafflecopter to enter!

If you are interested in Siobhan’s incredible work you can find more (there is so much more!) over on her Etsy shop here; it is all perfect for gifts for fellow Mamas in your life!

Do you make sure you take time out each day to just chill? What are your ways of relaxing as a Mother? Did you find this post helpful? Why not share on social media and spread the word!

Rock and Roses/One Mama One Shed Mama Merch Giveaway –  no monetary exchange available

Contest is open until 30-04-17

Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of Rock and Roses Mama

This post was written in collaboration with One Mama One Shed – all opinions are my own

All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn

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