Say goodbye to stress: Cry your way to happiness


Does crying make you happy? Relieve stress through crying? Hear me out… I have always thought that after a good cry I have somehow felt a sense of relief in a way; after watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond (If anyone has not watched this show you need to jump on that bandwagon immediately… breakfast watching for the win!) and seeing the main lady attempting to explain this to her husband I thought… its not just me then! I started to do some research and I found that in fact crying can make you happy, and here is why.

Crying As Stress ReliefAs many of you might know if you have been following my little corner of the blogosphere, or have caught any of my recent Instagram squares, I have been having a fairly tough few weeks, as well as a beautiful wedding day of my own (If you are curious you can see all of the gorgeousness from the whole day in my #bloggybrides post all about it: ‘Bloggy Bride gets married’).

Where I thought that I was dealing with all of the pressures on our little family quite well and with enormous strength and integrity is was clear that my body did not agree and I suffered a very random and entirely scary panic attack last week. I read an amazing post by ‘The Mum Reviews’,  ‘Big Girls DO cry’ (A raw and incredibly insightful post if you care to pop over and have a read) and it reminded me of the breakfast show I mentioned earlier…

I felt that in actual fact maybe I did need to let go of my emotions and cry it out.

It is thought that when you cry in times of immense pressure the tears actually believe stress and, without sounding incredibly cheesy, wash away your worries!

Crying on a safe place where you can open up without judgement can really help in times of need and clear your mind.

According to The Independent, the scientific process that occurs during crying after stressful events has been explained as the chemicals building up and being released… our bodies are wonderful things aren’t they?!

So don’t hold the tears back if you feel the need to she a few… or many, don’t feel any from of niggling Mom Guilt about being ’emotional’, let your body do what it is meant to and in the words of Elsa “Let it go”.

Have you found this post useful? Do you find it relieving to cry when under a lot of pressure? Why not pass on the joy and share on social media to help other fellow Mamas learn the benefits of having a good ol’ cry!


5 thoughts on “Say goodbye to stress: Cry your way to happiness

  1. Thank you for the link. I’m so glad to find someone who understands what I meant! I had sympathetic comments, but only a few – like you – who understood that I was trying to give myself and all of us permission. Because I think that worrying that crying is bad holds us back. I hope you are feeling better and congrats on your wedding. x

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    1. No worries missy! It really helped me remember what I had forgotten about… that it is ok to cry! In fact it is entirely necessary! Any thank you so much… yes definitely… feeling a lot of pressure at the moment but hopefully that will pass! ❤

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