The best 7 ways and places to find Mum friends: Finding your Mama Tribe

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I recently posted about how utterly integral it is to your well being to find a circle of Mum friends after you have children, if you want to know why this is super beneficial and could seriously save your sanity head over to ‘The importance of finding your Mama Tribe’. Motherhood can be a lonely place and forming relationships with fellow Mamas will just transform your parenting experience and give you a serious backbone of confidence and empowerment to muddle through together. This magical feat can be entirely daunting and I wanted to share with you how you can confidently connect with other Mums in a few places online and off that I have found super useful!

The Best 7 Ways And Places To Find Mum Friends

1. Health Visiting classes.

I know that some new Mothers aren’t fond of branching out into the world wth their little ones and may prefer to stay online for a while to make friends before meeting in person; however I will say that getting out and about and being surrounded by Mums who are in the same position made me feel like I wasn’t alone; that there were other Mothers out there that were feeling the same way as me.

I also realise that every area is different so they may not offer this where you are but there is a list of classes that are run by your local Health Visiting team that they give you when they visit you at home after you give birth.

I was particularly interested in ‘Life with Baby’ classes and signed up to go once a week for a month. As someone who really hates going to new places on my own i actually wanted to challenge myself as I knew how important it was to be amidst other Mums. I have to say that where sometimes there will undoubtedly be ladies that you will not get on with totally there will always be a few that you do. I made one Mama friends through this group and I still see her and her son regularly now!

2. Mumsnet.

I have to admit I haven’t actually given this online community much of my time as I have been so busy with working, blogging and getting involved in more out and about groups but if you are more comfortable with forging online relationships with Mums before taking the plunge to meet them, Mumsnet is perfect.

It is amazing for connecting local Mums to one another and there are plenty of forums for you to browse to answer that many burning questions that you undoubtedly have as a new mother!

If you feel confident enough to meet any local Mums in person you can organise socials too; you never know you may even get invited along to one!

3. Mama Blogger community.

I started blogging in August and I can honestly say I was not even half expecting the amount of inclusion and support that it brings. If you have a passion for writing and feel that you have a story to tell as a cathartic process or a way to help others, I would definitely suggest starting a blog. Twitter and Instagram are full of chats and groups to empower and inspire.

If you are interested in blogging I have written all about my amazing experience of the blogging community in my post ‘A thank you to the blogosphere’.

4. Old friends with babies/children.

As we all do, I had a lot of friends through school and college that I lost contact with over the years that I have somehow found again and reconnected with now that we both have children. It s odd how talking to an old friend can be amazingly refreshing but familiar at the same time and you now have so much more common ground to break the ice and come together in a Mama unit.


My incredible old School friend Carly Stirling and her delectable daughter Harper Rebel

5. Punky Moms.

I only just recently discovered this online community of utterly rockin’ Mamas; funnily enough it was the aforementioned old friend (Carly Stirling pictured above, and you can read all about her and her gorgeous little Harper Rebel in my Rockin’ Mama Interview with her) that introduced me to it. Don’t be put off by the name if you don’t feel that you are ‘pinky’ enough… Punky Moms is a state of mind and is an all inclusive and totally non-judgemental community of Mums who support and empower each other through Facebook pages.

They also have an array of sub-groups that will support you through any hobby and venture that you have too; from crafts right through to blogging.


A Punky Moms Halloween party!

6. Coffee shops.

It sounds strange but I have actually found that Mothers tend to flock to coffee shops as a solace, and to fulfil the need for caffeine! Which I suppose is actually not strange at all but totally understandable! Why not take the plunge and say hello to a fellow lone Mama seeking solace on Starbucks or Costa; I might note here that Coffee #1 is amazing for kids and most have colouring pages for kids and a little play area.

They are also great places to meet fellow Mamas to have a chilled chat!

7. Nursery/School.

I have yet to experience the school run and I do have to quickly drop off the little man at nursery and hot foot it to work straight away so don’t really get a chance to talk to other Mums; I do see Mums conversing outside nursery though and I have been told that the same happens outside the school gates.

Take the lunge and make a connection! Every Mama is muddling through and every one would probably love to talk to another adult for even just 5 minutes!

Have you found this post helpful? Are there any other places that you can suggest to meet other Mamas? Do you actively try and connect to fellow Mums?

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