Bloggy Bride gets married!


So this is it, the Bloggy Bride post you have all been waiting for with baited breath! Last week Clara from Utterly Feral talked all about ‘How to have a feral hen party’ and I cannot WAIT to see her post all about her own! This week, as we received our official photographs back yesterday (… thank god because otherwise I would have had to think of something else to post about!) so this is my official unveiling to you lovely people of the blogosphere! It was such and amazing day, went totally to plan and ran extremely smoothly; I could not have wished for a better day! So without further ado… Bloggy Bride get married! 


Ok so I have selected my favourite photos to share with you as I am absolutely not posting the nearly 500 that we had back!

Beccy & Rob-14

Beccy & Rob-17

If you caught my ‘Bloggy Bride gets crafty’ post you will have seen these before! 

Beccy & Rob-22Beccy & Rob-24Beccy & Rob-29

Beccy & Rob-84

I highly recommend having your photographer come to your house before hand to catch these priceless ‘getting ready’ shots! 

Beccy & Rob-90Beccy & Rob-107Beccy & Rob-121

Beccy & Rob-128

It was so amazing getting to see all of the photos of the dudes that the photographer took before we arrived! 

Beccy & Rob-146

Again, these bad boys were handmade and you can see them up close in my ‘Bloggy Bride gets crafty’ post. 

Beccy & Rob-151

Beccy & Rob-155

So much love for this! 

Beccy & Rob-193

Little man refused to take his hat off or dummy out bless him! Despite him needing the hat (Its his safety net) he was so good all day! 

Beccy & Rob-187Beccy & Rob-184

Beccy & Rob-215

The moment we could finally grab an alcoholic beverage! 

Beccy & Rob-367

Beccy & Rob-229

Our amazing wedding car ‘Hector’ from company Splitty Dreams

Beccy & Rob-261

Beccy & Rob-286

I mean I just HAD to do a leather jacket shot! Badass Bride! 

Beccy & Rob-288Beccy & Rob-304Beccy & Rob-309

Beccy & Rob-325

Four generations! 

Beccy & Rob-329Beccy & Rob-332Beccy & Rob-339Beccy & Rob-341Ellie's Beccy & Rob-85

I hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did! It was utterly breathtaking and we just had an amazing time… it was truly incredible!

One bit of advice that I found really helpful, take it all in! I know everyone always says to you “It goes so quick…. blah blah blah” but honestly… it really does! Try your best to step back and take it all in… I did and although it went super fast I remember it all and cherished it!

Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris.


7 thoughts on “Bloggy Bride gets married!

  1. Ah your last comment, it does go really fast doesn’t it, it’s like a whirlwind of happiness. My face was aching from the smiling at the end of my day. I absolutely love your wedding photos, my husband would be so jealous of your decorations as he’s a musician. You look gorgeous, your dress and hair are gorgeous, what an absolutely beautiful bride. Congratulations x

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