Wipe without the worry with Water Wipes

Product Reviews

I don’t know about you but when I first used baby wipes I realised that they are the most magical creation in a parents life; my first thought actually was ‘why have I not been using these my entire life!?’. I genuinely use them in all circumstances where it is possible so when I was approached by Water Wipes to test and review their natural, water based baby wipes I could NOT say no! 


So hands up who uses baby wipes for literally anything and everything? Can I use both? They are utterly incredible for every possible purpose; I have a pack in every room so that wherever there is a surface, butt or face (including my own… how expensive are face wipes? Grab a pack of baby wipes!) to be wiped… I’m baby wipe ready!

They are like my Mama weapon of choice…


Skin is a sensitive entity so I have always wondered how harsh some baby wipes are when you are applying them to your baby/childs face and butt, even you own face (I predominantly use mine to take off makeup… so theres a lot of close eye action going on…) The smell of some are enough to make you stop and think, ‘what is in this?’; ‘what AM I wiping on mine and my childs face?’

Water Wipes are an ingenious addition to the baby wipe market as they were made by a rad Dad, who had the same pondering thoughts on the harshness of the current wipes on the market, and as his baby’s skin was super sensitive she came up with wipes that were 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract, so are chemical free and totally au naturelle!


The ‘chemical free’ part comes in cleverly as they don’t use them to ‘bind’ the wetness to the wipe, instead the water is distributed through the pack of soft cotton wipes and they are super fresh.

As I said we have a pack in every room of our house! They even come in handy travel size packs, which are great when the bulkiness of a full pack of wipes just won’t fit into your intended bag and that thought of lugging round a huge changing bag all day os not really you idea of a relaxed day out!

I am super impressed with these wipes and was shocked how well they wipe and how damp they keep in the pack (dry wipes anyone else pet hate!?)

I’m converted!


Water Wipes are available to buy from leading supermarket retailers and Pharmacies and are £2.00 RRP (Multi-buy offers available at most retailers) 


Do you use Water Wipes? Are you scared of what is in your current baby wipes and what you are applying to your precious little ones’ skin?




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