March: I bid you farewell. Our turbulent yet fantastic month.


March has been a strange month in the Rock and Roses Mama household… it has been an absolute rollercoaster thats for sure! There have been some seriously amazing moments for my little blog, some crazy happy events for our family (Ummm… like we got MARRIED! EEEEK!) and then there have been some disastrous days that have shaken us to our core and proven to us what an amazing, loving and strong family network we have around us. Im not going to lie I don’t like talking about the negative parts of the last few weeks but in time I’m sure I will write about it and share my experience with you all on day… but it is just far too raw currently for me to even know where to begin! So we shall focus on the good… and the uplifting. 

Firstly, I was honoured to interview two incredibly empowering ladies in my ‘Rockin’ Mama’ series. The first was Vicki, Honest Mum, who I have always looked up to as completely owning the blogging scene and making it her career. She has recently started writing her fabulous book all about being a Mumboss; I am super excited to get my hands on a copy next year! Read all about her gorgeous family and incredible business in her full interview here.


The second stunning and utterly ‘Rockin’ Mama’ that I was pleasured to interview is Lauren from Dilan and Me. She is one superwoman of a Mama and does not only create beautiful imagery of her lil fam with photographer partner Adam Robertson but the power couple duo have just launched a brand new venture ‘We Are’ which aims to support and empower woman and mothers. Head over to read her full interview here.



As many of you know if you read this little online space of mine to inspire and empower, I have always loved writing and started Rock and Roses Mama as an outlet to support women, particularly mothers, to embrace Motherhood and rock it without losing sight of who they are.

I found a passion in blogging and was so taken back by the support from the vast blogosphere community that I am determined to make this my calling and career much like the epic Mamas I have interviewed this month!

I have been lucky enough recently to have my first payment from blogging which was a massive milestone for me; working with brands is something I really enjoy doing and I have upped my brand game this month (found a new love for flatlays!) and been given the chance of working with some fantastic products.

I don’t know about you, but like the majority of the working yet struggling population, we still rent our home and therefore are quite resistant to chucking too many holes in the walls to decorate. Introducing Command; I saw this brand on an advert a while back and was approached to give it a goal part of ‘Spring Clean with ease: Helpful tips to rock your spring clean’.


I also received a box full of actually astonishing ‘Astonish’ products.

I must say that if you are looking to work with brands the place that I have found most helpful is Response Source; I put out a journalist request seeking brands to work with on a few upcoming projects and was flooded with responses. Definitely worth a go!


Olverum, and if you don’t know anything about this utterly magical company please look them up, has been my favourite product of late as it has provided me with plentiful relaxation moments in my bath. It is an elixir that will take you beyond the bath into a calm tranquility in a cloud. Seriously… get some! Mama magic in a bottle.


I have also been plunged into the fabulous world of ‘Mama Merch’ over the last few months; an entity that I was unaware of before I started blogging. I literally have SUCH a long list of march that I would love to get my hands on and every month I purchase at least one thing and cross it off my list!

I find it satisfying and incredible important to support products made my women that are striving to empower and include. I listed out a few of my favourites and how important I feel it is to support brands led my women for International Womens Day: #beboldforchange.


If you read my blog regularly or follow me on Instagram you will know that there has been some turbulence in our personal life this moth but that has in no way taken control of our lives and it was completely bowled over by the stunning day and excitement that was our wedding day! Yes… Rock and Roses Mama is now a Mrs! I have not written about it as yet as I am waiting for the fabulous photos to come back and then don’t you worry… the spamming will begin!

March has ended on a massive high note for me as this little ol’ blogger has booked her tickets to her first ever blogging event; BlogOnMSI Conference. I have been hoping to grab tickets to BritMums too but am seeking sponsorship for that one as it is a little more pricey but I know the massive benefits from attending so am determined to go! Note to any brands wanting to sponsor an upcoming Mama blogger on her way to excellence and promote their product in the process… hit me up!

I cannot wait for the BlogOn Conference and launch party; it is in Manchester so… unfortunately… I am having to stay overnight in a hotel… such is life! Literally psyched!

So thank you March… you have served me well. Its been a rollercoaster but we made it through! Let the sunshine spread its joy and bring on Easter!

What have you all been up to this month? Are you attending BlogOnMSI… holler if you are as I’d love to meet you all fabulous ladies (and lords…) in person!

4 thoughts on “March: I bid you farewell. Our turbulent yet fantastic month.

  1. Hey beautiful, firstly that top is fantastic, I think I need it in my life! What an amazingly stormy month and congratulations on your wedding my darling, you will have to give me tips as I am lost already and I have not even booked a date! These are some fantastic interviews from two amazing woman. I hope the dark parts of the last few weeks are now over for you. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Oh thank you so much… it is hand printed by the wonderful Mama over at Winter and Rain… check out her post in my Rockin’ Mama Interviews! I am part of the #bloggybrides crew on Twitter and we post every week all about wedding related things, tips and advice so check us out! Yes they are thank you and I am still blissfully in newlywed glee ❤


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