Happy Mama makes for a happy home


Since my little man was…well… little, I have been of the opinion that whatever my feelings were at the time, even well hidden ones, he would pick up on them. Babies are like emotional meerkats and always are completely attuned to their Mothers worry, stress, sadness or happiness (obviously any other emotion applies here… I’m not listing them all out for you…) As the little man has grown in age and independence her still seems to feed off my emotions in a big way; and Ive noticed that my the Mr does too; a happy Mama really does make for a happy home


I like to pride myself in being a generally happy human being, but since becoming a Mother and dealing with many very stressful personal situations, life has taken its toll and over the last few months I have not been as happy as I used to pride myself in being; stress had taken over me.

I don’t like to talk negatively on here as another thing I have always been proud of is my ability to inspire, support and encourage Mamas to rock their rosy mama lifestyles; but we all have to admit life is not so rosy all of the time right?

So due to…life… this Mama has not been the happiest bunny, and I knew why.

We recently got married… yay… and so of course the added pressure and strain of organising that was getting on top of me but as usual I took it all on board and ploughed on through.

I also have been dealing with a recent shake to our personal home life involving my little mans biological father which I may bring myself to write about one day but to be honest I don’t think it is worth dwelling on as we are trying our best to continue to live happily as a loving family network that we have built for our little dude. The hearing that we attended, a week after our wedding no less (sterling timing…) was actually a weight off of our shoulders as at last, after two and a half years a conclusion has at least been reached and the dark cloud that lingered in the shadows of our lives has come into the light and been banished.

I also have been under a lot of strain attempting to juggle full time work and my sons increasing appointments due to his developmental delays and path towards an ASD diagnosis.

SO… I took matters in to my own hands and cut down my hours at work. Instantly my life seemed brighter. I also want to spend more time with my little man and pursue my passion for writing in this blog; make it my main source of income be that big or small.

I am elated to announce I have brought my first ever blogging conference ticket for BlogOnMSI in May… holler if your going to… I would love to meet up with some fellow blogging beauties either the night before at the launch party or the morning before the conference for coffee! (Im totally looking forward to a night solo to myself too… bring it!)

Also after the wedding the dreamy haze and glow that surrounded our home life was magical and both Mr’s, little and large, were the happiest they have been for months!

My own Mother has noticed the difference in the mood in our household and I can honestly say, without being hugely big headed, that I truly believe this is down to myself being happier in life.

Have you recently experienced a life changing realisation that you being happy makes you home a happy one too? What is making you an happy or unhappy Mama at the moment?

Diary of an imperfect mum

6 thoughts on “Happy Mama makes for a happy home

  1. I absolutely agree -we need to stay happy to keep the family balance and something usually has to give for that to happen so well done for taking matters into your own hands hon. Sadly not going to Blog On this year but will be going to BML if you’re going? Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

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