Rockin’ Mama Interviews: Lauren from Dilan and Me

Rockin' Mama Interview

I have been part of the blogosphere for around 7 months now and it didn’t take long for me to become completely encapsulated with the amazing support of the blogging community. I discovered Lauren through my new venture into the online writing world and was enthralled by her gentle and gorgeous Motherhood blog and Instagram feed with her son Dilan. I must also note that she has recently embarked on an incredible company with her partner of Adam Robertson Photography (quite the blogging duo I must say…) empowering women through the message ‘We Are Enough’.

I have been in awe of Lauren’s work and am honoured that she has offered to take part in this series showcasing some seriously rockin’ Mamas!


1. Tell us a little about you and your family.

My family is made up Dil (who’s 3) and I, and we have a little goldfish who is rather imaginatively named Fish. Our family setup isn’t the most conventional, but we are surrounded by an incredible support network of people who really love and care for us both.

2. What does Motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is so many things. It’s a secret club that you join the minute you see the line on that stick. It’s a members only gang that you only truly understand once you see it from the inside. It’s the easiest and yet the most challenging thing you’ll ever do. The best and the worst thing you can ever imagine. It’ll break you down and it’ll build you up. It’s heart warming, heart breaking, happy and sad, over and over again. It’s something that completely takes over you. It changes you in ways that you never imagined possible. It’s amazing and it’s awful, and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

3. What struggles have you faced as Mama and how have you overcome that?

My life has changed dramatically since becoming a mother. It genuinely has been the best and worst years of my life, and I’ve been pushed to my limits. Becoming a single mother nearly destroyed me, and learning how to co parent really has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I overcame it because I had to, because I had a tiny little baby relying on me to pull it together and to figure it out. That’s what you do as a mother; you figure it out. You keep going, you stay strong. Now that things are easier I can look back and be proud, and I know that I survived because of Dil.


4. Do you find time to relax and remember YOU?

One of the few perks of being a single parent is that we share childcare and I am fortunate enough to get some time to myself every week. For a long time I had never let Dil leave my side, so at first it was really difficult to let go. Now though I really appreciate the time that I do get. I think having some time to breath and to just be ‘me’ again instead of ‘mama’ actually gives me the strength (and the energy!) to be a better parent the rest of the time.

5. Tell us about your incredible business Dilan and Me. 

Dilan and Me is a parenting and lifestyle blog featuring all our little adventures and captured moments. I also write a lot of Cows Milk Protein and soya allergies as Dil has both, and I gave up both allergens to continue to breastfeed him.

I started my blog back in July, so about 8 months ago. I was so nervous about taking that step and putting myself out there but Adam, my boyfriend, pushed me to do it and I’m so glad he did. The support I’ve receive is incredible, and I’ve had so many messages from other mums thanking me for putting my words out there. Motherhood can feel so lonely, and I think people need to hear that they aren’t alone with their struggles. I feel so lucky that now I’m able to pursue my blog as a business and create a better future for us as a family. I became officially self employed back in November and things have been great since then, so watch this space!

6. What first inspired you to start Dilan and Me?

I’ve never thought of myself as a writer or anything like that, but I found myself putting my feelings into words and sharing them on Instagram. The response was absolutely incredible, it really shocked me. People reaching out with words of encouragement, saying they’d been where I was and it gets better. Mums who were where I was thanking me for giving them the hope and strength they needed to carry on. It had never occurred to me that sharing my honest thoughts would help others, but it’s just so comforting to know you’re not alone. I blog a lot about Dil’s food allergies too now, and I love being able to support other mothers who are on the same path I was.


7. Do you have any tips on balancing Mamahood, your career and YOU?

Getting the balance right is hard, and I definitely haven’t perfected it yet. I’m guilty of being on my phone way too much around Dil, and being distracted when he needs my full attention. I’m also guilty of letting the washing up pile get out of hand, because housework is usually the first thing I let slide. I usually end up doing most of my work at 2am while Dil is snoring next to me. Sometimes I think the best thing to do is say “f**k it!” Sod the washing up, put your phone away and just head somewhere special. Life is way too short to worry about the ironing or your emails when you could be out having fun and creating memories. Everything else can wait.

8. Do you have a favourite inspirational quote or phrase to share with our readers? 

I’m a huge fan of Rupi Kaur, her words always touch me. I love this –

“We all move forward when we recognise how resilient and striking the women around us are”


You can find Lauren on her website or on her various social media outlets:

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Twitter –

I hope you have enjoyed reading all about this rockin’ Mama and found inspiration to rock up your own Mama lifestyle. If you wish to take part in this series please pop me an email to


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10 thoughts on “Rockin’ Mama Interviews: Lauren from Dilan and Me

  1. What a wonderful read! I’ve just recently found out about Dilan & Ne through a FB group I joined. I love reading Lauren’s words and I love that she describes her family set up as not really conventional because it fits with themes I write about & with my experience of family. I say Love Makes A Family. End of.
    I also love how she conveys the idea of women moving forward together. Women need to support each other! Thanks for this lovely read. xx

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