Rockin’ Mothers Day Gift Guide: To pamper and indulge

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Mothers Day; what does it really mean to you? I have always grown up to think that it is a day to spoil your mother… buy her flowers and shower her with gifts. On Mothers Day some people have big family meals and take their Mothers out for the day; I tend to think now that I am a Mother that in actual fact Mothers Day, aside from obviously celebrating how amazing Mothers all area and what an incredible job they are all doing, should be for giving Mothers a break. So I have gathered for you a list of all of the things that a Mother could possibly want to pamper, relax and indulge for the day; my Rockin’ Mothers Day Gift Guide.


A hot bubble bath

Every Mama dreams of a hot, relaxing bubble bath  to escape reality for a short while.

I genuinely used to hate baths, I never understood the whole relaxing quality about them as I found myself getting all sweaty and groggy in the steam; soggy book pages whilst sitting in my own filth.

Since I became a Momma, however, I fell in love with baths… I could sit in a bath for ages and just let my troubles slip away into the warm water; so when I was approached by Olverum to try out their legendary bath oil that has been used by generations of the royal family I was intrigued and wanted to give it a go.


As pampering as it is therapeutic, an Olverum bath is like a warm comforting hug that helps you recover when you are feeling mentally and physically depleted.

Olverum is a concentrated blend of 10 gorgeous essential oils such as lavender, Juniper, Eucalyptus and lemon and does not disappoint in lifting your troubles and plunging your soul into a deep state of relaxation.


The Sunday Times have actually described this magical potion as ‘Bath Nirvana’ and I couldn’t have agreed more as I slowly slipped into a steamy eden of relaxation. It is so incredible that my partner could smell it from the next room and asked if he could use some of it in his bath too!


125ml is £26.00 and is enough for 25 baths, 250ml is £48 and enough for 50 baths

You can grab a bottle of Olverum to treat the amazingly deserving Momma  in your life from any of their main stockists which include Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

You can also discover and be enthralled even more by Olverum on their equally  captivating website here .

Happy scents

Living with two boys I am constantly plagued by bad smells and it seems like I spend the entirety of my time attempting to cover the hideous odours with sprays and candles but no not much avail (or the avail that seems to occur is very short lived)

I was sent a pack of Scentsy wax samples to try and… ohmygosh… they are delectable. I was actually out of the house when they arrived and I wondered my my porch smelt to good before I realised what was in the little package!

So I have always used burners and warmers at home for wax but these cruelty free bars come in fabulous scents, over 80 varieties to choose from which is just madness, with 8 cubes on each. Each of these cubes of joy can be used with the Scentsy warmers and lasts over 20 hours… also a massive plus!


If you are buying for a manic Momma with a scatter brain like we all have, the Scentsy wax warmers loo also so safe that they can be left unattended. There are an insane amount of choice with them too and I was particularly impressed with their kids range of plush toys that come with a child friendly scent inside to pop into their bedrooms to keep it fresh!

You can have a gander yourself on their website here or find them on Facebook and order from Nikki directly (you can place orders with her directly in bulk to save on delivery charges!)

Im genuinely sold and am purchasing a few bits for my home for myself for Mothers Day at the end of the month!

Gorgeous food and drink

So this is a given right… who doesn’t love a delectable array of food and drink to treat themselves? Let Mum have a day of from cooking and let her indulge in her favourite meal and drink (a bottle of her favourite alcoholic beverage will go down a TREAT let me tell you!)

Ive mentioned this company before and I am going to again as when I had just given birth to my little man I just kept getting discount vouchers in all of my ‘New Momma’ packs for chocolates! Whoever made that decision knows we needed a treat after that traumatic yet beautiful and therefore entirely confusing and emotional birthing process!

Lily O’Briens chocolates are THE BOMB. I can’t praise them enough so if you are looking for chocolate that isn’t just bought at the last minute from the Co-op… go here!

Child free time

I think to be honest the best present and note of appreciation of to show how you understand that keeping tiny human alive whilst working and maintaining a household and a social life along with appointments and any other hobbies you may have… is exhausting; some time off to chill and recuperate and just BE, will be extremely well received with eternal gratitude.


Maybe just some time alone to read and crack open those chocolates and wine and have a lush bath we mentioned above!

Uplifting Mama merch

I wrote last week about the incredible female led brands that I make an effort to buy from regularly to show my support; it was a post written in aid of the #beboldforchange campaign in line with International Women’s Day.

In particular I would like to note some incredibly uplifting merchandise made by Mamas themselves to support and empower; my all time fave are the Selfish Mother tees and Winter and Rain ‘Lioness Not Princess’ tees.


Also great little gifts for the power house Mama in your life are pins; ‘We Are Enough’, ‘Onestrong Mother’, ‘Power House’ from Haus of Mono and ‘Power Pin’ from Winter and Rain are a few to get your inspirational juices flowing.


Any plans for your amazing Mother this Mothers Day?

*This is a collaborative post

Diary of an imperfect mum

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  1. This is great and I totally agree that me time is the best Mother’s day gift ever although I wouldn’t mind those amazing bath oils to help me make the most of my me time. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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