International Womens Day: Why I support businesses run by Women #beboldforchange


So International Womens Day has crept up on me this year and I have been thinking about how I can show my support and promote this years theme #beboldforchange when I realised I already do; by buying from independent businesses that are run by women, predominantly Mothers, and promoting their incredibly unique and empowering products. So I thought I would take this opportunity to share my most recent favourites with you all so that you too can support businesses run by women and #beboldforchange.


Now I must point out that there are some absolutely incredible campaigns for flexible working for Women, especially Mothers after childbirth and I would like to give a massive shout out to the utterly awe inspiring Anna Whitehouse a.k.a Mother Pukka who is doing just amazing things with her ‘Flex Appeal’ campaign. She tours the country and hosts flash mob dances promoting flexible working for Mothers along to the lyrics “Lets talk about Flex, baby”; She has also help various talks on the subject and has drawn he attention of the government. A true inspiration, you can find her site in all its brightly         h and lycra glory here.

So… in keeping with what Anna promotes, on a slightly larger scale admittedly, I think we can all support and encourage Mothers to be able to have flexible working around their children and a lot of women choose to start up their own businesses, introducing the amazing concept of ‘Mama-merch’.

I was not aware of the breadth of Mama-merch before I embarked on my own ‘flexible working’ blogging journey. It is only since I have become immersed in this world that I am now aware of the beauty of it.

In fact the first brand I was aware of was through Mother Pukka and her stunning gold rucksack come changing bag made by Tiba and Marl. It led me to discover not only them but their incredible collaborations with Selfish Mother and my first ever Mama-merch purchase; one of their signature ‘Mother’ tees and I wore it with pride when going to see ‘Bad Moms’ with fellow Punky Moms.


It cascaded from there and I now aim to buy from at least one female run company every month (I have an enormously large list as there are soon many!)


I recently interviewed the gorgeous Selena for my Rockin Mama series and she was just revamping her brand Winter & Rain which with every purchase donates 15% to Womens Aid. She recently made a huge impact on the Mama-merch scene with her empowering ‘Lioness not Princess’ tees and women flocked to join her Pride (I was one of those women and I must say I literally wear it all the time… super comfy!) You can read the interview here.


I am also going to shout out to the amazing Lauren from Dilan and Me (Who I am due to be interviewing soon… keep ones eyes peeled for that bad boy) that has recently embarked on inspiring women and mothers with her ‘We are enough’ message that she promotes through her beautiful Instagram, Website and a range of Merchandise. She is also supporting the Punky Moms Trump Hate campaign with her ‘This Pussy Grabs Back’ pins (I recently bought one of these… looking forward to adding that beaut to my leather jacket pin collective)

The strength and power of women can be seen through a sea of ‘power pins’ available from the Mama-merch scene and my favourite to date has to be the ‘One Strong Mother’ pin from the amazing Anthonissa who supports natural hypnotbirth and donates £5 from every pin to a stillbith charity.


As I said the list is looooong and I am discovering new Mama led brands very single day, but buying from them is just a teensy small way in which we can show our support and give a lil wee fist pump to businesses run by women.

What are your favourite Mama-merch brands or products?

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4 thoughts on “International Womens Day: Why I support businesses run by Women #beboldforchange

  1. You’re right there are so many great pro Mama brands out there now we should definitely try to support them when we can. Love the ethos behind the One Strong Mama pin and of course the Selfish Mother tees. I love mine, need to dig it out again now the weather is looking a bit more summery 🙂 Happy International Woman’s Day! x

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