Envy: The deadly sin. Don’t compare yourself to others, you are YOU and you are fabulous!


I think there is definitely an immense amount of satisfaction and serenity we can all feel when we let go of our envy of others and concentrate on ourselves and what makes us fabulous. After all, envy is one of the seven deadly sins… so why do we practice it so regularly? I have fallen victim to the envy of others, and definitely jealousy to a certain extent, and have found it awfully debilitating and completely counter productive to achieving our dreams. When you let go of comparison and turn it into admiration you can embrace yourself and who you are and therefore find your own path to your passions. 


So we go through life constantly comparing and becoming jealous of others;  on the playground, at college, celebrities and characters in films etc, our peers and colleagues, even our friends.

Appearance is usually the main culprit as the source of jealousy and when we think of the way we want to look or the clothes we wish we had; so instead of letting those thoughts become envious we can make sure they are simply feelings of adoration towards a person or fashion trend so that we can take from them in a constructive way and aspire to apply them to ourselves.

In the world of working there is also so so much jealousy in the mix; there are multiple times when I have started new ventures in the hope that I can do something more ‘ME’, something more creative, and give up my current career in retail management.

I have found myself in the past becoming increasingly jealous of other women and especially mothers that seem to flawlessly be able to start their own business with it flourishing seemingly with ease.

I understand now, after trying multiple different avenues of creativity and my skills in different areas to finally find writing, that comparison to others will only leave you with a bitter taste and after all… they are doing what THEY are good at and what THEY can excel in. You just need to find your inner strength in what YOU are good at and what you can follow in the path to success.

When I discovered blogging and decided to start Rock and Roses Mama I had no idea of the amazing community that you became part of when publishing those first few posts and exploring the amazing avenues that blogging can take you in.

There are some incredibly talented bloggers and vloggers alike out there doing amazing things and I do not envy them… I am inspired and in awe of them.

Just keep on keeping on in what ever you enjoy and trust me the benefits will come.

Your passion will shine through if you just stay true to your dream and strive for success. Did you know Thomas Eddison had over 100 failed experiments before he discovered the light bulb? David Bowie was trying to make it as a rock star for YEARS before ‘Space Oddity’ flew to number one and the start of his magical career began.

Be empowered by your peers that are excelling in your field; they had to start somewhere too right?

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18 thoughts on “Envy: The deadly sin. Don’t compare yourself to others, you are YOU and you are fabulous!

  1. A lovely post and great advice. I really agree, I’m constantly inspired by other bloggers to work harder and improve my skills. There are so many super talented people, but there’s room for everyone! X

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  2. Great post. I saw a fascinating video on Facebook this morning about social media and the ‘appearance’ we put out there and witness from others. Quite often it’s false. I agree, we shouldn’t be envious of others, instead we should feel empowered by their achievements. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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  3. I don’t really do Envy, what’s the point, you are never going to be just like anyone else, in looks, success or anything. I just don’t stress about it. Yes, we should just concentrate on ourselves and be the best we can be. Lovely post.

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  4. Great post, I have found feeling like this ease as you get older. But not for everyone I suppose. I am all about positivity at the moment so I’m totally on the same page as you with this. As you say, being in the blogging community really reinforces what you’re saying as everyone is really supported regardless of their status. #stayclassymama

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    1. Yes I think for me, Motherhood and blogging have definitely made me care a lot less about other peoples opinions of what I SHOULD be and concentrate on who I truly am… the blogosphere is so super supportive and I am so lucky to have found it and become a big part of it too ❤

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  5. Fantastic post I have been envious or jealous of anybody or anything in life great read Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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  6. You’re right it takes time to find your true strength. I also need to realise that it takes patience, I always try new ventures and expect to be amazing at the job right away but you have to know the business and the people before you can really start to make a difference, at least that’s what I’ve learned as I have changed positions a few times now. This is a great post with amazing insight into what life really means for you as an individual, thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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