There’s a spring in my step: Farewell February… bring me the Spring.


So February has been month of waiting I feel… waiting for warmth, waiting for my wedding and ultimately waiting for Spring. Don’t get me wrong I have had some amazing opportunities open up for me in the last month and seen a spike in the support for Rock and Roses Mama which is so lovely to see; thank you all! February has also seen the most amazing weekend that I have had for a long long time, my hen weekend! So I am welcoming March and all it ill bring for this rockin’ lil fam and saying a final goodbye to February.

So first of all February has been really lovely in terms of blogging as I have made some amazing connections with fellow ‘influencers’ and was lucky enough to be nominated for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’.


It came as quite a shock as I have only been part of the blogosphere for a few months so it really motivates and inspires me to continue when a little appreciation is shown. You can read all about the award here.

Now… the few days that MADE my February were, of course, my amazing hen do! My superstar DJ and complete orchestrator of the whole shebang did an amazing job and everyone had SUCh a great time.


It was the first time since having the little man that I had been ‘out out’, if you know what I mean! I go to pub nights and gigs often but getting all dressed up and truly painting the town was such a privilege and super fun! the next day we were all booked in to a spa retreat for the entire day which was… bliss.

You can read all about our crazy shenanigans in the post I wrote for  #bloggybrides ‘Bloggy Bride goes on a ‘clucking’ adventure: My hen do’ 


This is the incredible lady I have to thank for it all. 




February has also seen my most popular posts to date. The first one was one of my weekly *Musings*, ‘Don’t let the label ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ take over YOU‘, which seems to have really inspired the blogging nation of Mamas.

I also wrote all about the dreaded Mom guilt in ‘Top tips to help you banish ‘Mom guilt’ and it is so lovely to see the wonderful moments and to know that I am indeed doing what I set out to do with this blog; to inspire, support and empower women and mothers to know that they are not alone, to not feel lost in Motherhood and to ‘Mama it up without loosing YOU’.



Of course the epic Yesmum card feature here! 

In a final farewell to the brisk outdoors conditions and seeing off the final chill from the air, me and my lovely men went on a stunning stroll around a hidden gem of a park that is buried in our town, Stanley Park.





You can read all about our day and see all of the gorgeous photos here.

We are so ready for Spring now, our wedding is in just under three weeks (EEEEEEEK!) and Im super excited for little eggs and chicks and pastel colours… bring it!

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