The importance of Mama time and ‘The Mirror’ by Deborah A Stansil review


The all important entity that is ‘Mama Time‘; we all know how amazing it can be for us and how much it can ease our stress filled days with a little chill out, but do we set aside time for ourselves in our busy bee schedules? If we do set aside time, are we really doing something that is totally and utterly relaxing; that can take us to a place that is far away from the stresses of our reality? Well reading is the perfect getaway, so when I was asked to review fellow blogger Deborah Stansil from My Random Musing‘s new novel ‘The Mirror’ I jumped at the chance; a perfect excuse to get lost in a good book.


‘The Mirror’ is a tale of Amy predominantly and her daughter Lilly. The novel starts with the two of them shopping which results in Lilly being drawn to a mirror that Amy finds unexplainably disturbing, but tries to shake the feeling. After the mirror is brought home a series of events unfold that leaves Amy retracing her equally disturbing past and fearing that this past has become very much in her present.

On first reading the novel I was initially bothered by the need for a good editor, but although i am an avid grammar nazi (It genuinely annoys friends and family that I constantly correct them… anyone with me?) I was actually really impressed that seeing as the book has not been edited professionally it pulled me in and each page left me wanting to read on.

What I loved most about ‘The Mirror’ is that it leaves a lot of gaps in your understanding of the characters which makes you want to read on and find out their story. I don’t know about you but sometimes I find it incredibly difficult to get in to a book; to really get my claws in and let it hook me in. It is so refreshing, and for me the sign of an amazing writer, when I get that feeling that I want to read on without forcing myself to. The plot is increasingly more eventful  with every chapter and it is one of those reads that you just can’t seem to put down and before you know it you have got through half the book!

I also genuinely believe that it would make an amazing film (any film makers out there, take note!)


The genre I would say is mystery, verging on horror depending on which line you take with the ending; this is the genre in which Deborah feels most at home and has written other popular novels and short stories which I am most definitely going to look into reading next.

The book is self published by Deborah herself and therefore is paperback, which with my little mans sticky fingers toddling about is looking slightly worse for wear now but, with the incredibly short amount of time it takes to read due to being utterly captivating, that was not a problem!

If you are in need of some Mama time or just a good ol’ gripping read, ‘The Mirror’ is brand new and out now, you can grab your copy here:

Ebook £2.36: (copy this link into your search bar)

Paperback £6.99:

*This is a collaborative post




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