‘That’ time of the month and how to embrace its arrival.

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Ok so its the unspoken entity that visits us every month; it hangs over us like a shadow just waiting to make its arrival known in true hammer horror style. The Period. If it is completely normal and a monthly occurrence (thats pretty damn frequent) why is it so under wraps and so ‘hush hush’? Men tend to get all ‘icky’ when it is mentioned and when we are younger we are made to feel like it is a slightly, verging on, shameful entity. I think there was an advert for a film that I recently saw that showed a family telling the daughter to not talk about her ‘menstrual cycle’ and she was attempting to try and normalise it with them, and the son in particular. Personally I have, weirdly, grown to totally embrace the coming of ‘that’ time of the month and here’s my reasons why I think you should too. 


Embrace the emotions

So I don’t know about you but I get pretty damn emotional in the week leading up to the big red dot. I used to wonder why I was getting so sad and now as Ive got older and I actually track my cycle (… you know your getting old when…) I know the symptoms and when they are going to occur so I know that my heightened emotions are due to one thing only, and I love that.

I love that I can have a time every month that I can let loose on my emotions; who doesn’t love a good cry?

We are so stressed as individuals in this crazy world we live in and we get so caught up in that stress that once a month I cherish the weepy times…


Those days when you are suffering with the feeling that you just don’t want to do anything are the perfect times to take some well earned chill time! Your body is going through a monthly reboot so let yourself sink in to the sofa and embrace that you can have that time to just be serene (although I realise that some of us never feel serene if we are in pain… grab ALL the painkillers ladies!)

Baths are also the PERFECT thing for period pain and are super relaxing.

Grab a cheeky massage from your partner, or a professional if you’re feeling like splashing out on the relaxation front!

Excuses Excuses

Ok so I don’t actually suffer with this much, but when the angst strikes “I’m sorry its the hormones” is undoubtedly the greatest excuse ever. No man will deny you that one.

I know there is always so much annoyance from a lot of women who hate that hormones are seen as a potential excuse for their anger, and we HATE it if a man says that to us right?

However when you accept that hormones DO change your feelings (and maybe even be able to laugh about it with your partner after) you will be able to embrace the monthly disturbance with a lot more ease.


Ok so on a similar page to the relaxation tactic, being on your period ladies is the prime time for consuming ALL the sweet treats with no judgement attached. None.

Go for it!

In fact, order yourself some from your favourite chocolatier those few days before hand and give yourself something to look forward to!

Maybe some flowers too if you’re really feeling indulgent!

Be proud.

Be proud in the knowledge that your period is all woman. You are a strong woman and believe me no man would put up with that shit every month!

You can do this, and you do… monthly! So own it and don’t let it consume you; without sounding utterly and disgracefully cheesy…

Go with the flow.


How do you manage the monthly tribulation that is The Period?


4 thoughts on “‘That’ time of the month and how to embrace its arrival.

  1. The older I get the more hardcore mine has become, a week before I am hyper emotional, and my boobs kill. But I like the fact you work with women for a while you all sync..and I can tell when I am due depending on the moon phase, which fascinates me and remind me of women’s ties to nature. I am trying to figure when it is an appropriate time and what amount to explain to my son as he found a tampon today and asked about it. I don’t want it to be shameful thing but I also don’t want him embarrassed/scared/confused. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

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    1. Oooooh I haven’t looked into ‘moon phases’ will definitely nee doing that right away! Yes it is difficult but I’m hoping that with my little boy I can attempt (fingers crossed!) to educate him that there doesn’t have to be any embarrassment attached… so that he knows it is a natural thing for all women and not to shame them for it like boys do at school. Also every woman wants a guy that doesn’t mind popping to the shop to buy her tampons when needs must! Haha ❤


  2. Oh, that pesky period. I dreaded it each and every month, except of course when I tried desperately to get pregnant. Then, it was like clockwork. No, I am past just mourning the loss. I take umbrage in the very ‘out of place’ hot flashes that strike, and sometimes really wish one on in colder climes. Enough with the taboo. Everyone grow up. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Of course, I have not worn white pants since I was 13… Go figure. Great post! xo

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